Why You Need  Quality Images for Product listing?

We all buy products from online marketplaces analysing the images of products and it’s reviews. So photos listed in marketplace have great significance, as they determine us to choose the product out of large number of competitors. Product photos effectively communicate to your customers the details of your product in ways product copy cannot. Let’s check What are the factors to be considered while placing photos in an Ecommerce site when listing  your product?


1.Shopper sees first


Product photos capture attention. Shoppers want to ensure the product matches their expectations, whether they’re looking for specific colors, sizes, styles or other qualities that make or break their opinion of the product.


2.Help customers better understand your products


Modern online shopping experiences are all about convenience. One thing this experience lacks is the opportunity for customers to physically handle a product they’re interested in. High quality product photos  from multiple angles help fill this gap by providing your customers with the information they need. And when customers can easily access the information they want, they’re much more likely to come back for more.


3.Boost your brand

Good product photos act as brand ambassadors: They telegraph your brand and style in one simple, efficient and effective way. Whether your brand is contemporary or anything in between, your product photos strengthen your brand and make it even more recognizable. Plus, high quality product images are known to build customer trust in both your products and your brand.

4.Give you a competitive edge

Online shoppers are inundated with options. Product options, pricing options, rating and reviews and so much more. It should be assumed your customers will check competitors’ products before making a decision. It’s imperative your product photos are enticing and make your products as appealing as possible to capture the sale as quickly as possible.

  1. Quality photos + useful product copy = increased sales and fewer returns

Your return on your investment in high quality product photos is maximized when complimented by highly useful and unique product copy. The closer a customer gets to making a purchase decision, the more information they want about a product. Especially at higher price points. Useful product information both entices customers to buy and increases trust in your brand. The more unique your product copy, the better your chances of getting found in search engine results. All of this makes for a more informed buying experience and this experience yields fewer returns.

  1.  Increase the likelihood of social media sharing

If you’re looking to get any benefit from social media sites , attractive product photos are an absolute must. Visual social networks like Pinterest, Tumblr  as well as Facebook, are great places to share your products and get some buzz for what you sell, but you have to have good looking product photos to really take advantage of these communities.


How to place Catchy Photos?

1.Make sure photos are high quality

2.Incorporate alternate views

3.Have a photo for each color or variation

4.Provide zooming feature


Get Quick Click Sale

The advantage of high quality images is that they can make a quick click sale among the competitors. Always quality is heavily considered by customers than cheap price difference. So if you are seller wish to join in a new online marketplace and confused about photos ,just relax ,go ahead with a good photo shoot of your products.That will surely make difference to your online selling graph. Sell online any product is half done if you register your market place and place good photos.


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