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Why Kerala is the land of spices?

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The 29 States of India have their own crops and spices, then why Kerala is known as the land of spices? .

The answer is simple, while other states are producing one or two spices , Kerala generates lion share of most of the spices including Cardamom, pepper, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon,clove ,vanilla and Cambodge.

Indian spices from Kerala

As you know India is the largest producer of cardamom in world, 70% of cardamom is produced in Kerala mainly from Western ghat regions, Devikulam, Udumbanchola and peermedu Taluks of Idukki district.

Why Kerala is top in Spice production?

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God gifted Geography  : Geography of Kerala is suitable for cash crops including spices.

Climate :  Hilly climate and western ghats provide moderate temperature for spices to flower and grow.

Conveyance : Transportation facilities available through road,rail,sea or air helps merchants to buy spices or  sell spices faster.

Agrarian Society : Agriculture is the only livelihood of spice farmers, so they meet the spice demand of the world with high production throughout the year.

Organizations : Spice board and other spice development societies guide farmers and merchants to engage in scientific farming and online spice selling for better profit margins.

Long lasting Crops : As compared to other crops, spices may last for years without losing quality and aroma. Thus Kerala spices are exported to foreign countries for future demands also.

Now spice market is controlled by young brilliant brains with online spice trading and purchasing facilities through mobile shopping.

As Indians can’t think of a meal without a spicy dish, Kerala have the spice storage to feed the spice demands of Indians here and abroad.

God’s own country is rich with it’s spice heritage and export dominance . If gulf countries have petroleum products as their natural gifts, spices are Kerala’s Godly gift to dominate in the world.

Have a Kerala Special dry  Ginger coffee and enjoy reading more about Kerala spices.

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