What a sale supermarket kochi ’ India’s First fully Autonomous Retail Store

What a sale supermarket in kochi – India’s First fully Autonomous Retail Store

What a sale supermarket kochi ’ India’s First  fully Autonomous Retail Store

Next generation shopping is happening in front of us when India’s first fully automated cashierless retail store started it’s working in Golden Souk Mall Kochi. Like a self-service buffet now customers could purchase their products from the shop when you leave the shop amount of the products your purchased will be deducted from your E-wallet or credit/debit card you linked to the ‘whatasale’ mobile application.


How it works?


Watasale can be used as a fully autonomous retail store which can be scalable to the size of a hypermarket. This store model can be scaled up to support larger number of customers than traditional models. The customer can walk into the store with their mobile, take the product and just walk away. No cashier, no scanning, no waiting in line. The customer scans the QR generated in Watasale app to enter, after taking the product the bill amount will automatically be debited from their account.


Technologies  Used


1. Computer Vision


Easy to install cameras is the major component of this technology. The cameras are fitted such that the customer privacy is not compromised (no facial recognition). As computer vision advances, it’s easy to imagine all sorts of life-improving innovations in store.


2. Deep Learning


Deep learning is used to analyse the interaction with the customers and the store. Years of research has gone into understanding various customer interactions inside the store. When combined with the years of practice and training, the system evolved as a working foolproof model.


  • Multiple layers of classification.
  • Novel techniques to identify items of any shapes.
  • Novel techniques used to give the results within minutes.
  • Deep learning used to make a predictive analysis.

3. Sensor Fusion


Multiple sensors are used to complement the computer vision. Pressure, stress, light sensors used in this completes the technology stack. The combination of sensor fusion and computer vision gives credibility to the results.


  • Sensors smoothly integrate to the store
  • Ample data for AI to make decisions
  • Makes the technology foolproof.


Last Call for Sellers to be Online


Who will avoid an online seller when he delivers the product at your location at the time you wish you have a product. Like ‘Watasale’ sellers all around the globe turned to create a technology assistant shopping and selling experience. Years back merchants studied about stocks and customer pulse through offline shopping trend but now more retail business is run with the backup support of data analyst who figure out more details on the shopping trends and factors by customers.


So we can watch all these upgradations and say as the last call for sellers to be online is now announcing, just a previous step of artificial intelligence and robotic brain intervention. If you are a seller not yet registered on any marketplace or don’t have an online store to sell online your business product hurry up and find the best one.


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