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Udaipur: How sweet the city of Isha Ambani Wedding?

Latest headlines where all focussed on the royal wedding of Mukesh Ambanis daughter Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. The Rajasthan city Udaipur clinched the first position than the pink city Jaipur  with the pre wedding ceremony of Ambani daughter where lot of celebrities attended. The wedding which economists calculates as the most expensive wedding after famous Diana and Charles wedding grab the world audience to this Udaipur city which is famous for its sweets.

How sweet the city of Udaipur?

Sweets are an untitled symbol of celebration. The main motive of sweets is to spread unconditional happiness among the people performing their daily hectic routines. Whether it is a wedding or securing good marks in exams, sweets have always acted out to double the excitement quotient in your lives.

Sangam Barfi

Sangam Barfi is considered to be the most distributed sweet in the city at various special occasions or festive. As the name suggests a Sangam refers to a Union, therefore in wedding the union of a couple is celebrated by generally distributing this particular sweet.

Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa is absolutely a delight to eat, as you’ll start consuming this mesmerizing dish, each spoon will make you have it more and more, it contains a lots of ghee, which surely will provide you enough energy to charge you up. In India, Halwas are basically considered a full of energy sweet, that must be had to strengthen your bodies.

Malai Ghewar

Ghewar is one of the signature sweets of Rajasthan, which is usually made in houses on the occasions of Teej Festival and Raksha Bandhan, but the taste of a standard Ghewar is exaggerated when it is topped with rich Malai and dry fruits.

Mawa Kachori

Famous savory snack of Udaipur: The Pyaaz Kachori, but believe us whether you’re a fan of Pyaaz Kachori or not, Mawa Kachori will never disappoint you. Mawa Kachori has an obvious stuffing of Mawa and Dry fruits in it, later it is soaked in sugar syrup and served.

Historic Wedding Sweet Memory to Udaipur

In India when royal wedding creates largest marketing sensation, it’s indirectly reflecting business towards small cities like Udaipur. City hosted  famous Hillary Clinton and world renowned musicians for the prewedding bang, will surely bring more future business and tourism promotion to Rajasthan’s culture and all kinds of Industries. Hope many foreigners who tasted Indian sweets during wedding ceremony  buy Indian sweets online, if they feel to taste again. May be the Ambani gifted the guests with famous Indian ethnic products to create a sweet memory of her daughters wedding.  Any way Udaipur is the queen city which shines as star in the world as the place one of world’s richest person choose to arrange her daughters pre wedding function. As like agra ka petha Udaipur Sweets may have some preference when customers buy  sweets online.

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