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Top Spice Plantations In Kerala : A Tour To Kerala’s Spice Aroma

A Malayalam  article shared by Dr Shinu Shyamalan on her Twitter feed about the Pepper Spray catches the attraction of many parents and women who are concerned about the safety of their kids from predator human attackers. Spices can be referred as an all in all person of a family or society  because of their overall impact and influence in medicinal, social and cooking field.


Let’s have a look in to the spice plantations in Kerala where all these aromatic spices are grown, processed and packed for sale. In Kerala there are mainly three spice plantations, that contribute major revenue share to the Indian spice markets. To buy spices in Kerala knowing about the top spice plantations help you to sort out the best product from the land of spices.

kerala spices


Top Spice Plantations In Kerala


  • Munnar Spice Plantation

  • Thekkady Spice Plantation

  • Wayanad Spice Plantation

Munnar Spice Plantation

Munnar is renowned for  spices like Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon and NutMug plantations.  You can buy fresh spices from nearby markets of spice plantations.

Tea and coffee plantations are also an attraction of Munnar hills.


Thekkady Spice Plantation

Tea factory in Peerumade is different experience for spice plantation visitors in Thekkady. Ginger, Cardamom, cloves,Vanilla are the main spices grown in Thekkady plantation. Famous for nature walking and other adventerous events Thekkady is good place for spice business and holidaying.


Wayanad Spice Plantation

Pepper and Cardamom are the main plantations in Wayanad. You can buy pepper from wayanad for the best quality pepper products.


Spice plantations in Kerala  can be called a business cum Romantic space for holidaying where you can buy quality spices and enjoy a good vacation with all holiday activities.


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