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Tips to control Heart Problems

People say wound on heart is so deeper than physical wounds, so broken hearts need more attention than anything. Heart diseases known as Coronary Artery Disease are actually lifestyle diseases which we can control with our way of living especially through proper food, exercise and sleep.

Reasons for Heart Problems

1.     Smoking

2.     Diabetes

3.     Blood Pressure

4.     Excess Drinking Habits

5.     High Cholesterol

6.     Unhealthy Diet

7.     Obesity

8.     Lack of Exercise

9.     Stress

10.   Heredity

11.   Age Problems

Among all this above listed reasons, except heredity and old age related problems can be solved through our conscious lifestyle modification. The initial steps of defending heart problems should start from our homes. Here are the top tips to control heart diseases.

How to Control Heart Diseases?

1. Quit Smoking Habits from Home and Society

Smoking is a silent killer; recent studies show that when a person quit smoking the chance of Heart attack is reduced up to 50%. The side effects of smoking affects all the family who inhale the smoke accidently along with the habitual smoker. Worst part is that even fetus could be affected through smoking. First and best way to control Heart diseases is to quit smoking habits from home and society.

2. Follow  Healthy nutritious diet

   The secret of a healthy heart is controlled nutritious food. Try to include more organic fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Always use protein rich and less cholesterol food for a healthy day.

  • Important factor is to follow a time order for eating, and never eat food while doing other jobs like watching television or working on computer/mobile etc.
  • Reduce the use of refined cereals in diet; also control the use of oil, butter and ghee in your diet.
  • Avoid foods that contain saturated fats like bakery snacks, fast foods and tin foods. They can adversely affect your appetite and will create more addiction towards such foods.
  • Include small fishes in your diet, limit the use of beef, chicken, pork and mutton, as excess use of fried meat increase your cholesterol level and affect your hearts health.

3. Regular Exercise

Any physical job using muscles can be called as an exercise. Games, dancing, swimming, jogging or house jobs are treated as exercise if we do them regularly and our body remains fit to do any normal physical job.

  • Never spend your time continuously in front of computers, TV or mobiles. Even if you’re an IT professional who works hours in front of machines do some soft exercises at regular intervals for your health.
  • Wealth can’t buy health; it has to be maintained by us. When you go to a nearby shopping, avoid cars/motorbikes, practice walking or cycling.

4. Regular Rest/Relaxation

Find healthy way to reduce mental stress and life pressures. Some of the methods to keep calm are:

1. Read Good Books

2. Practice Yoga

3. Spend time with Nature

4. Talk with Good Friends for sometime

5. Include prayer in your daily routine

6. Listen to good music or stay calm for 10 minutes

5.Regular Health Checkup

If you feel you are not fit, conduct monthly health checkups and consult the result to an expert doctor. Regular health checkups you needed are

Blood pressure

Blood Sugar Level

Blood Cholesterol Level

Body Mass Index

BMI=your weight in Kilogram/square of (your Height in Meters)

Even if you are a billionaire you can’t buy good health using money, it need your attention and sacrifice to maintain the healthy body we got as free gift. Food is the basic thing determines our health and character, so buy organic food online including, organic spices, dry fruits, forest honey etc. Have a healthy heart to live more years on this beautiful earth than a lifetime patient because of our food habits.

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