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Sreeraman M.G : IIT Dropout to Co -founder of India’s Demanding Online Fashion Shopping Platform

Dropout students not only make surprises just in America, here in India too. 

Meet Sreeraman M .G (Sreeraman Mohan Girija), Malayali Engineer  who discontinued his IIT course Masters in Design  and started FYND (shopsense retail Technologies Pvt.Ltd). 

sreeraman m.g - co-founder of

How he become a  unicorn among other startup CEO ‘s in online marketplace is that , Amabni’s reliance industries  agreed to invest 295.5 crores to his Mumbai based company.

What is FYND ?

FYND is India’s largest fashion O2O company with real time inventory access to 8.5K+  stores. A unique E – commerce portal offering fresh fashions of all brands much ahead of any other competitors in the market.

More About FYND

  • Founded by Farooq Adam, Harsh shah and Sreeraman M .G in 2012 as shopsense Retail Technologies Pvt.Ltd .
  • In 2015 the company pivoted to FYND with investors Kae Capital , IIFL , Singularity Ventures, GrownX , Tracxn Labs, Venture Catalyst , Axis Capital and other Angel investors.
  • In 2018 Google invested in FYND.
  • In 2019 Reliance offer of 295.5 crores.
  • FYND serves customers across the country and receives inventory data from stores  in 42+ Indian cities.

India’s online market is achieving a huge growth, and the big companies buying majority shares of new startups is good encouragement to young entrepreneurs with unique ideas and  visionary investment planning.

The era people go to  markets and buy or sell products , will slowly disappear. More people will come forward to sell online and buy new fashion through just smartphones.

Like Sreeraman , there are many young talents in the Indian soil who establish ethnic product marketplace and other unique business ideas. Major companies will surely come to invest in their dreams too.

Recent investment of BYJU’S app by Facebook inspires many more students to think out of the box. Drop out of the college never means you are away from success.

If you can lead a war and win the battle, business kingdom is yours . 

Fight with your own abilities  and improve your success benchmarks such that you just not crossed your competitor but raised the standards of business to a new level which customers love you more than anyone.

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