Spicy foods: Tasty and Healthy Benefits

Spicy foods: Tasty and Healthy Benefits

‘Food the tongue likes are not good for stomach’ is an old saying among traditional people. So people have a thought that good foods are not so much tasty and for a healthy life they have to compromise with their eating habits. But the real fact is that, every food is both tasty and medicinal, distinction happens only at the thought whether we are eating our favorite food or the food addiction is swallowing us.

Taste cannot be scripted as it must be felt by your taste buds, but I’m here to make you go through some healthy aspects of spicy food. We all like the spicy taste very much without knowing it’s advantages for the body when we consume them. First and foremost, drink a cup of coffee and continue reading, just to avoid sleeping effect of blog. Coffee can simply hug your brain with a fresh energy.

Here are the nine benefits of Spicy food

Unhealthy Cravings can be reduced: Deep desires to eat fatty, sweet and salty food can be reduced by spicy dishes. Capsaicinoids in spices reduce unhealthy cravings and thus reduce calorie intake.

Give good heat to Heart: Among lifestyle diseases, a heart attack is an uninvited guest to happy life at any time. Cholesterol formation in blood vessels boosts to attacks. The chilli pepper can reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL). Thus heat up your cholesterol and keep your heart beat in tune.

Metabolism can be increased: Jogging, running, playing, swimming all these activities are done to boost up our body metabolism. This may be a news information for you that capsaicinoids in spicy foods increase body metabolism by burning up extra calorie. So build a sweet loving body with spicy foods.

Cancer Prevention: The uncontrolled use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers resulted in the farming of unhealthy agricultural products, which indirectly leads to cancer like disease among people. But spices like Turmeric and some kinds of mustard’s are capable of preventing poisonous compounds from food, hence they degrade the chance of cancer.

Helps you easily Breath: Breathing problems can be naturally treated through spices and other herbal medicines. Thus spicy foods help you breathe easily.

Lower Blood Pressure: The heat of pepper can increase blood flow, also the vitamin A and vitamin C in spicy foods strengthen the walls of heart muscle. These will lead to reduce blood pressure up to a great extent.

Promote good feelings: Sense of happiness can easily be generated with tasty cooked foods. The secret of that sweet smile is the endorphins released by the body through eating spicy food. Even that may be the reason every happy moment are accompanied by a food party.

Diet food appeal can be increased: If we go through the googling patterns of men and women, they are worried especially about overweight and search for the techniques to lose weight. For those enthusiastic body lovers and diet keepers, spices may be the best choice as they balance your diet and food calorie intake.

Maximum Life Expectancy: The most expensive gift that cannot be purchased is life expectancy, and it’s a case of probability. But Scientific data figure out that, people eating spicy food 3-7 times in a moderate way decrease the risk of death by 14%. So just spice up your life and extend expectancy.

More you read facts, more you get bored or felt asleep, So I am winding up my health lecture blog. After reading this if you are still interested to experiment the health benefits of spices, just include some spicy food in diet. Good spices are easily available offline or online. Go and buy spices in India, as Indians are the brand ambassadors of most spicy food in the world.


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