Getting Started

How to register yourself as a seller?

To register as a seller you need to signup here.

How can indian online spices benefit my business?

We are one of the top leading marketplaces for ethnic products in India. If your products are purely ethnic and cultural, list your products in our specific platform for better business benefits. This platform is more beneficial than placing them on a general online store that sells all kinds of products. We assure you to take your ethnic products to the customers all over India.

What are the charges of selling on

Indian Online Spices have three attractive plans for the partnering sellers. The seller can choose between the plans that best suits their business type and size. We have:

  • Lite Plan for the individual sellers who could list upto 50 products.
  • Pro Plan for the small scale business groups with products upto the number of 200. 
  • Enterprise Plan is for the large companies who can list unlimited products on the site. 

All the plans have variant flat prices with varied privileges. Choose the right plan and we assure the greater benefits worth the charges paid for. 

Should i posses a valid GST number for registering as a seller?

Yes, you should have a valid GST number for registering as a seller. We require your GST number during our manual verification process to ensure tax clearance of your business dealings. This helps to avoid any legal confusions that may arise in the future endeavours.

What documents I require to start selling on ?

While filling the Seller Registration Form on you are required to have these following documents.

  • GST Number
  • PAN Card (Personal PAN card for proprietorship and Business PAN for business type as “Company”)
  • ID Proof of Directors / Partners / Proprietors
  • Bank Account Details

How should a seller function in

The vendors who wish to sell their products on Indian Online Spices must:

  • Choose among the three packages offered by Indian Online Spices. 
  • After paying for the plan you get the registration form. Fill in the necessary details and register yourselves as a seller. 
  • Once the Seller Dashboard is activated, list the products with specific quantity, images and other details, as per the number of products allowed in your selected package. 
  • Once an order is received, the seller must pack and ship the products to the customers.
  • Once the products are successfully delivered, Indian Online Spices will settle the payments of the seller.

Who are the desired sellers on Indian Online Spices? is an online marketplace for ethnic products such as spices and seasoning, dry fruits and nuts, handicrafts, ayurvedic and herbal products, essential oils, beauty products, aromas etc. Sellers/manufacturers/distributors/wholesalers who wish to sell their genuine ethnic products are most welcome to sell on Indian Online Spices. 

I don’t have a website, can I still sell on Indian Online Spices?

Yes, it is not necessary for you to have a website for selling your products on Indian Online Spices. Anyone who wishes to sell authentic ethnic products with the possession of a personal and business PAN card, valid ID proofs, GST number and bank account can start selling with us. Stop worrying over a website, we are here to offer you the best online platform for your business needs.

When will I be able to sell my products on Indian Online Spices?

Once the submitted documents and details are manually verified by Indian Online Spices, the seller gets access to the Seller Dashboard where the products lists are added according to the package you have chosen. Once the cataloguing is complete, start selling your products. 

Can I sell outside India through

No, at present we are only facilitating the sales within India. If we intend to expand the business internationally the sellers will be informed as announcements on the Seller Dashboard.

Why sell with us?

Indian Online Spices is one of the leading ethnic marketplaces in all India. We are here with the most rare and unique ethnic products from different parts of India. With our efforts and excellent customer service base we have gained the trust of our valuable customers. Thus, selling with Indian Online Spices would be a great milestone for your business, as we can help you extend the visibility and accessibility of your products in front of virtual customers. We have an excellent seller help team, who would respond to each and every one of your queries. 

What is seller dashboard? What are the benefits of having a Seller Dashboard?

Once you have successfully registered with Indian Online Spices, your Seller Dashboard will be activated. Seller Dashboard will be the platform upon which, you manage everything associated with the selling of your products. Within Seller Dashboard:

  • You can list your products one by one, as per the limit of your chosen package, with description, rate and photographs.
  • You get notification on your seller dashboard, as soon as an order is being placed. 
  • You can manage the whole processing of orders like shipping, returning, refunding etc. 
  • You can see all records of the past and present orders, “completed” as well as “pending” ones. 

Products & Catalogue

How many products can be listed on the seller dashboard of indianonlinespices?

Indian Online Spices allows the sellers to decide the number of products. One can choose among the three package plans offered by the site and then list the products to the limit. The sellers who have selected the Enterprise plan can list unlimited number of products on their Seller Dashboard. 

How to define product listing?

Product listing is a systematic entering of the products into the Seller Dashboard that you wish to sell online. The listing must include all the necessary information such as high quality images, sharp descriptions, quantities, price details, relevant offers etc. All this organised information will help the customer to choose the best. 

Who is responsible for deciding the product price?

The price of the products are determined by the seller itself. It is to be noted that there are multiple ecommerce sites and competitors in the market, thus the prices have to be moderate that are affordable to the buyers. If the products are too expensive customers may consider other options. So decide an affordable price for quality products.

Can I get assistance for listing products and selecting product images?

We are sure to provide our help in selecting high quality images for common products like turmeric powder, cardamom, cashew nuts etc. Whereas sellers are responsible in providing photographs of the unique and original ethnic products manufactured in the seller’s company. We also assist in building product catalogue with good descriptions to boost the sales.

Will I get charged for listing products on

Yes, there are different chargers depending on the package deal you chose from IndianOnlineSpices. Each package has different allowances and privileges. We assure you that the charges you pay are worth the sales you are going to receive online. 

How many products are required to start selling on IndianOnlineSpices?

In order to start selling with Indian Online Spices, you must have a minimum of 5 quality products. Yet there are limits to the maximum number of products according to the plan you have chosen during the registration process. 

How to list my products on IndianOnlineSpices?

For the individual product listing, you can upload each product separately with necessary information, using the option “add product”. We also enable bulk uploads on CSV spreadsheets. For any enquiries you may contact our support team at

What type of products can be sold on IndianOnlineSpices?

Indian Online Spices is a marketplace for selling Indian ethnic products. We provide a wide platform to sell all types of products that come under the ethnic categories such as:

  • Spices : Cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, nutmeg, curry masalas etc.
  • Dry Fruits & Nuts : Cashews, raisins, walnuts, dried oranges, mangoes, pineapples etc. 
  • Handicrafts, paintings, sculptures
  • Ayurvedics & Herbal products
  • Fragrances and aromas 
  • Essential oils and hair oils

A seller/manufacturer/distributor/wholesaler who wish to sell any of these products can register with Indian Online Spices and start selling.

Why is my store not live after the product cataloguing?

It is because your account is still pending because of our manual verification. Once all the products are listed, they are reviewed by our support team. It may take around 48 hours for your store to get active on Indian Online Stores. 

Will my seller name be displayed with the products on for the customers to know our business brand?

The seller name will definitely be indicated on the product pages, which denotes that the product is sold by you. And also along with the product shipment, the seller will have to send an invoice to the customer that holds the name of your business brand. 

How to edit product listings on

You can easily edit the product details, descriptions, prices, discounts etc at any time of your convenience. All you have to do is login to your Seller Dashboard with your username and password. On the product listing page you will find an option for “edit product” for making necessary changes. You can also delete the product from the listings with the “delete product” option. 

Order Management & Shipping

Who delivers my products to the customers?

There are basically two models of shipping that include:

  • Self-Ship Model: Indian Online Spices facilitates this model where the sellers have to pack and ship the products to the customers after receiving orders. Here the sellers are responsible for notifying the customers about the tracking details.
  • Drop-Ship Model: Indian Online Spices was also established a drop ship model, where the sellers just have to pack the products and keep them ready for shipping. The delivery agency staff will pick the products and drop them at the customers doorstep. 

From these two models, seller can decide which on to choose according to their convenience. 

How to manage the orders on

All the order related details will be visible on the Seller Dashboard. As soon as an order is received Indian Online Spices emails you as an alert. When you log onto your account with the username and password, you can see the new order on the board. According to the shipping model chosen the tracking number will be formed, in case of drop model it will be auto-generated. Whereas in case of self-shipping the transaction number has to be added to the respective shipment. According to the picking up and dropping of products the status of tracking will change as “Shipped” or “Delivered”. Your Seller Dashboard will have all the details of all orders, previous and present ones.

How do I manage the Orders?

All the order related details will be visible on the Seller Dashboard. As soon as an order is received Indian Online Spices emails you as an alert. When you log onto your account with the username and password, you can see the new order on the board. According to the shipping model chosen the tracking number will be formed, in case of drop model it will be auto-generated. Whereas in case of self-shipping the transaction number has to be added to the respective shipment. According to the picking up and dropping of products the status of tracking will change as “Shipped” or “Delivered”. Your Seller Dashboard will have all the details of all orders, previous and present ones.

How do I know if I have any new orders?

As soon as you receive a new order, Indian Online Spices instantly notifies you via email service. Apart from the mail, you can also see the order details on your Seller Dashboard.

How to update the tracking details on

If the seller has opted for a self shipping model, you are responsible for updating the tracking details. All you have to do is log onto the Seller Dashboard and put the tracking number and further statuses in your shipment. If it’s a drop ship model, Indian Online Spices updates the tracking details. 

How to know if the products are delivered or not ?

In case of drop ship model, Indian Online Spices will be updating the tracking details. If the seller wants to know whether the products picked up from their stores are delivered or not, they have to check the delivery status of the order in the Seller Dashboard. The information regarding delivery will be displayed in the “Status” option against the respective order. 

Pricing & Payments

Can I remove my account if necessary?

Yes, there are absolutely options for you to cancel or remove your account from Indian Online Spices marketplace. You just have to drop a mail in our email id,

After the order is delivered, when can I expect the payments?

The seller’s amount will be settled within 2 weeks after the date of order dispatched or delivered. The settlement amount will be electronically transferred directly to the bank account of the seller. 

What are the payment options available for the customers?

Indian Online Spices offers all the possible payment options for the potential customers. Buyers can use either of these options such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Wallets / Google Pay / PhonePe
  • Cash on Delivery

How much is your Marketplace Commission Charges ?

It depends on the seller package. In Lite plan our commission rate would be 21% (18% marketplace fee deduction and 3% payment fee gateway). In Pro & Enterprise plan The total commission rate would be 18% per sale. The 15% marketplace fee deduction and 3% payment fee gateway adds up to the total 18%. 

Who collects and pays VAT/CST?

The sellers are responsible for collecting and paying VAT/CST. Indian Online Spices are only providing the platform for sales between the seller and buyer. The real transaction is between the sellers and buyers, thus seller must keep the selling price including the taxes. 

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