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Spices & Seasoning Sellers

  • If you are a spices & seasoning seller, be it the smallest of all like mustards or cumins or peppers, feel free to sign up as our seller.
  • Organic spices are of high demand and receive enough orders from online customers.

Dry Fruits & Nuts Sellers

  • Get yourselves part of the greatest dry fruit online store in India. Dehydrated and concentrated dry fruits and healthy nuts are always in need for a perfect food diet.
  • If you are selling cashews, raisins, dates, walnuts, dried oranges, pineapples, kiwis etc offline, get online with the right partner.

Ayurvedics & Aroma Sellers

  • India’s ethnicity is directly connected to this ancient medicinal system of Ayurvedics. 100% natural ayurvedic and herbal products are greatly trusted by the online buyers.
  • Sell your natural ayurvedics and fragrances to the interested customers via our marketplace. We ensure your visibility to maximum buyers in India.

Handicrafts & Sculpture Sellers

  • If you are a skilled artisan or a craftsman, get your handicrafts and handmade sculptures before art lovers with an efficient online platform.
  • Your wooden crafts, wall decors, hangings, hand bags etc. can be displayed in front of the right audience who care for original ethnic products and crafts.

Beauty & Health Products Sellers

  • Natural and organic hair and skin care products are sold by Indian Online Spices at reasonable prices. Get your health & beauty products listed with us for a wide visibility.
  • Hair oils, body creams and natural perfumes of Indian ethnicity are always at high demand.

Traditional Wears Sellers

  • If your store sells cultural and traditional wears of Indian ethnicity get online with our marketplace for the greatest sale.
  • Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat… all Indian states have their own traditional wear that needs to be spread across borders, choose our ethnic platform for the best outcome

Any other Ethnic Varieties

  • Your products need not be limited to the above mentioned categories. The list goes on and on. If you have anything remotely connected with the ethnicity of our Indian culture, you are most welcome to sell it on our website. 
  • Together we can prosper at the future endeavours in close association with the customers who care about the heritage of our nation.

Get Online with us & Get Wider Visibility for Greater sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why sell with us?

Indian Online Spices is one of the leading ethnic marketplaces in all India. We are here with the most rare and unique ethnic products from different parts of India. With our efforts and excellent customer service base we have gained the trust of our valuable customers. Thus, selling with Indian Online Spices would be a great milestone for your business, as we can help you extend the visibility and accessibility of your products in front of virtual customers. We have an excellent seller help team, who would respond to each and every one of your queries. 

How can indian online spices benefit my business?

We are one of the top leading marketplaces for ethnic products in India. If your products are purely ethnic and cultural, list your products in our specific platform for better business benefits. This platform is more beneficial than placing them on a general online store that sells all kinds of products. We assure you to take your ethnic products to the customers all over India.

Should i posses a valid GST number for registering as a seller?

Yes, you should have a valid GST number for registering as a seller. We require your GST number during our manual verification process to ensure tax clearance of your business dealings. This helps to avoid any legal confusions that may arise in the future endeavours.

How should a seller function in IndianOnlineSpices.com?

The vendors who wish to sell their products on Indian Online Spices must:

  • Choose among the three packages offered by Indian Online Spices. 
  • After paying for the plan you get the registration form. Fill in the necessary details and register yourselves as a seller. 
  • Once the Seller Dashboard is activated, list the products with specific quantity, images and other details, as per the number of products allowed in your selected package. 
  • Once an order is received, the seller must pack and ship the products to the customers.
  • Once the products are successfully delivered, Indian Online Spices will settle the payments of the seller.

Who are the desired sellers on Indian Online Spices?

IndianOnlineSpices.com is an online marketplace for ethnic products such as spices and seasoning, dry fruits and nuts, handicrafts, ayurvedic and herbal products, essential oils, beauty products, aromas etc. Sellers/manufacturers/distributors/wholesalers who wish to sell their genuine ethnic products are most welcome to sell on Indian Online Spices. 

I don’t have a website, can I still sell on Indian Online Spices?

Yes, it is not necessary for you to have a website for selling your products on Indian Online Spices. Anyone who wishes to sell authentic ethnic products with the possession of a personal and business PAN card, valid ID proofs, GST number and bank account can start selling with us. Stop worrying over a website, we are here to offer you the best online platform for your business needs.

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