When sellers get good demand for products in the online market, sellers fast become more engaged in online marketplace.  Any business products can be sell online with the new facilities available in new generation market where clients search for good sellers and purchase the product, paying amount in advance of the delivery. Trusted delivery and service to customers make online selling a successful business product. Sellers enjoy good discount offers from our marketplace on purchasing selling packages and premium sellers are provided free online promotion for their brand products.

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How It Works ?

Easy To Start Selling Online In Just 4 Simple Steps


Register And List Your Products

Upload your products to Indianonlinespices.com and it is a very simple process. Make a good description along with a picture of your product and upload it so that customers can find quality. Indianonlinespices.com can help you to put together an attractive catalog by connecting you with people. Quick step registration process for sellers as soon as selecting the seller package and completing the formalities of verified seller registration. Once you have registered; the seller dashboard will be available for the seller, there you can add your company products, price, quantity, and short description with high quality images. Products can be listed upon categories and subcategories as per your requirements. The customers can easily reach your product, once you are listed on indianonlinespices.com

Receive Orders And Sell Your Product

Being one of the sellers of Indianonlinespices.com you can receive orders from people all over India. This portal is the best online marketplace in India and can attract orders in good numbers. Our Marketplaces ranked on the top list of online product searching. So once you register and be a seller you can easily receive orders for your variety of products from various parts of India. And you can sell your products with online payment system which ensure income for every order.

Pack And Ship The Product

Once listed, your products will be available to millions of users across India. Once you received an order, pack the product and ship to the customer within minimum days of delivery without any product damage. Product tracking must be provided to the customer and pleasant service should be carried out in each stage of shipment and delivery. Seller dashboard have all the facilities to inform product status to the customer.

Get Payments And Grow Your Business

Receive quick and hassle-free payments in your account once your orders are fulfilled. After the successful delivery of the product to customer, the seller can receive payment to his or her connected bank account within 3-7 days. If you become most demanded seller on our Marketplace you could enjoy the benefit of quick payment settlement after each sale process is completed. 10% Marketplace fee will be deducted from each sale and the balance amount will be credited to seller without any delay. Easy grow your business and make sale online with easy placing your product on indianonlinespices.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling on Indian Online Spices

How Indian Online Spices benefit my Business?

Indian Online Spices  is the top leading online marketplace, once you are a part of us, your products will be top listed in online marketplace, where customers can easily pick and purchase your products. We offer you the best online selling market space with different seller listing packages.

How a seller should function in Indian Online Spices?

It’s easy to set up a shop on IndianOnlineSpices. Create an I.O.S account (if you don’t already have one), set your shop location and currency, choose a shop name, create a listing, set a payment method (how you want to be paid), and finally set a billing method.

What is product listing?

Product listing is clearly filling out all the necessary information including images, description, price, offers etc that helps the customer to make quick buying decision.

How should I list my products?

Product listing is a step by step process and is clearly explained on our market place.Based on the product category you will be asked to include product details in listing process.

Who decides the product price?

The price of the products is set by the seller itself.

In Case of fraudulent customer claims what protection Indian Online Spices Offers?

If a buyer is found to be fraud, the seller can raise a claim on their dashboard to request the possibility of seller protection fund.If the case is found to be genuine the seller will be compensated within a particular period of time.

How to manage my orders in Indian Online Spices?

It is really easy for a seller to manage its dashboard and handle the orders.Whenever a customer places an order,an alert mail/message will be send.Seller will have to respond to the customer about the product availability and the date of delivery.

How can you make product pricing?

Our commission calculator widget will provide the final amount each seller receive after deductions.So price the product according to your profit margin,considering all applicable marketplace charges

How to be part of Indian Online Spices?

Good passionate sellers with new and genuine quality products is welcome to  Indian Online Spices.To start selling on Indian Online Spices,you need to have the following credentials uploaded in the registrations form.

  • Bank account and supporting KYC document.
  • Minimum of one quality product that you have legal ownership for selling in market.

How many products can be listed?

You need to have at least one product  to be listed on Indian Online Spices and a maximum of any number of products can be listed with regard to the terms and policies of seller registration.

How to become a seller on Indian Online Spices?

  • You must register as a seller on Indian Online Spices.
  • Submit your business details and required documents.
  • After submission, your Seller Account will be reviewed and verification procedure will be done. If the seller is eligible as per  Indian Online Spices terms and conditions, within 3 days new online market store for seller will be opened at our platform.

Can I get assistance for listing products and selecting product images?

Our support team will provide high quality photographs for most common products and assist you in building a premium quality product catalogue with good description in order to boost  seller sale.

Is product listing entirely free?

Yes, in Indian Online Spices product listing is absolutely free. Once you are a registered seller you can list any number products free  of cost. But our team will scrutinize the product for the purpose of filtering out any illegal or hazardous product listed accidentally or any other means.

Who is responsible In product delivery ?

Seller is completely responsible for product delivery based on the orders, in case of damaged product/product return by buyer, seller has to satisfy the customer without complaints. Seller will be abide to product replacement or cash return policies as per the customer needs. Indian Online Spices in any way not answerable to complaints regarding product quality or further customer feedback’s. Black marks regarding sellers service and product  will be properly evaluated and Poor quality sellers will be terminated from market place after proper financial settlement ,once any seller is removed they won’t be added  again.

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