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Salt And Pepper : Soulmates On Dining Table


A pinch of salt and a dash of pepper always add taste to our dishes. To know How these Salt and Pepper become soulmates on dining table is an interesting story.


When we buy pepper and salt for our daily use and present it on our dining table,we never knew about the French King Louis XIV who created the custom of having chefs put salt and pepper on the table.

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The story of Salt and Pepper shakers appeared on the table is like this as historians say.


Louis XIV was an influential man as the King of France and he was a notoriously picky eater who preferred his food as lightly seasoned as possible. 

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He didn’t like as much as salt or pepper in his food but others did, so he created the custom of having his chefs put it on the table rather than cooked in.

The custom of Louis XIV is followed and spread all over the world.


Salt And Pepper in Different Languages


  • In French ‘sel et poivre’


  • In Italian ‘sel ee pepe’
  • In German ‘sals und pfeffer’
  • In Hindi ‘Namak aur Mirch’




Soldier, Salary and Salt

Earlier Roman soldiers were paid partly in salt. From that custom of giving salt the name ‘saal dare’ soldier is derived and the from process of payment ‘salarium’, the word salary is derived.

At that time salt was scarce, expensive and a legendary material not everyone is allowed to make salt.

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Behind every tasty food or product there will be some hard history or royal customs which paved way for becoming the most favorite that available today.

Mostly Western people eat less spicy food, so salt and pepper shakers will always have  a place on every dinner table.

Indians don’t have to compromise their high spicy level in food, buy kerala pepper and spice your food.  

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