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Online Marketplaces Boon for Spice Sellers

Get a good price for the product is the ultimate aim for every spice farmer. But our offline markets poorly consider farmers who toil their life for farming. The arrival of online marketplaces creates an opportunity for spice farmer/sellers to market their product in a fair amount without the exploitation of wholesalers or farming societies.


How online marketplace help Spice sellers?

The farmers dominated mainly in Kerala hilly geography are not much aware of the possibilities of online markets and value of spices in international markets. So the online Marketplaces pave the way for spice sellers to directly register their shop and sell products online to clients here and abroad directly profitably.

Online market place charges a small percentage of sale comparatively to wholesalers. They make sure your spice products are brilliantly marketed and promoted to all necessary customers without spending any extra penny.

Top benefits of Online Spice Selling

  • Greater transparency in Pricing
  • Help to choose the best from available
  • Additional sales channel
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Targeting Right audience
  • Brand value and consumer trust

Many marketing staffs complain that the current(DIY) Do-It-Yourself generation, have a trend of visiting the shop evaluating the product and order them through online where they get more offers or discounts.

So it’s time for spice sellers to shift their feet to new online platforms where consumers buy spices online. The Munnar spice stores and Kerala spice market can do more wonders in online spice marketplace than offline stores if sellers interestingly come forward to online platforms.

Read more about spice trading online through our blog page.

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