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Murivenna :  Multipurpose Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil

Murivenna :  Multipurpose Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil


In Ayurveda many medicines are multipurpose for pain relief ,wound curing etc . Murivenna is one among such a popular medicinal oils used by people for various pain related issues. You may have watched bottles of Murivenna among the regular medicine stock of elder people, which is a powerful pain reliever.


Ingredients of Murivenna


Coconut oil is the basic ingredient of Murivenna. To buy murivenna , you can buy online or shop from nearest marketplace in India.



  • Keratailam – Coconut oil


  • Juice of Karanja – Pongamia glabra
  • Tuka – Spermacoce articularis
  • Tambula – Piper betle
  • Kumari – Aloe vera
  • Shigru – Moringa oleifera
  • Paribhadra – Erythrina variegata
  • Palandu – Onion – Allium cepa
  • kanjika – Fermented liquid
  • Paste of Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus




Multi Uses of Murivenna

  • Application over fresh wounds which quickens the process of wound healing.
  • Relieves pain and inflation in sprains and fractures.
  • Useful in arthritis pain, tennis elbow and Gout Spondylolisthesis, Cervical lumbar spondylosis, ACL ligament tear
  • Relieve muscle cramp pain.
  • Used for tightening abdominal muscles.


How to Apply Murivenna?


Gently massage the oil for five minutes on the affected area and leave it on the place for half an hour.


You can apply two times a day,after applying Murivenna you can either wash it or keep it.


Murivenna is mostly used externally but as per the doctors prescription ,they can be used internally in limited quantity.


Easy Availability


Fortunately murivenna is easily available in online stores and offline medicine stores. You can buy murivenna online in bulk quantities if you need more for group of people in your club or team.


Try this ayurvedic medicine and get relief from common pains and wounds in our daily life.


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