Lemongrass Oil : Interesting Facts and Medicinal uses

Have you ever watched the process of Lemongrass oil making? We all use Lemongrass for good smell while cleaning floors most commonly. The creation of God is amazing such that, even the small grass grown on hilly area are resources of various medicines.

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Lemongrass oil is produced through steam distillation process of natural lemongrass by farmers. Now we can buy lemongrass oil online in adequate quantities as per our requirement.


Main Uses of Lemongrass oil



  • Deodorant

  • Relieves Pain

  • Heals wound

  • Stimulates Urination

  • Act as stimulating tonic

  • Promotes Lactation

  • Removes Flatulences

  • Essential Astringent

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How to use Lemongrass oil ?



Lemongrass oil can be used internally as well as externally considering the needs of people. Diluted lemongrass oil is used internally for anti inflammatory or hormone modulating effects.


Externally lemongrass serves oil  the purpose of pain relief and cure wounds easily. Many people are still unaware of the medicinal properties of lemongrass oil, so they just use them for cleaning floors. Actually lemongrass is a primitive tip for all sorts of common body disorders.


Fortunately, today we are able to buy lemongrass oil with high quality from trusted sellers around the world through online spice marketplaces in India.


Consult your ayurvedic physician and start using lemongrass oil for your unsolved body problems.


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