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Kerala Spices in Munnar

Everyone knows the reason behind the name given to the southern state of India, Kerala as “The land of Spices”. The Tropical area has a lot to do with spices since ancient ages and is still a mainstream trading hub where traders from all over the world visit and in such a way stays in the mind of the natives as well as different merchants as a marketplace of a number of goods and spices that grow exclusively in this part of the world. The legacy is continued and Kerala grows all that is necessary ahead of the game.

Munnar is known to be a must-visit and most popular place and a perfect example to point out how much significant the beauty of the state is considered to be as well as the economical importance of the land. Most visitors from all over the world doesn’t go without visiting this amazing place. The spices are available in local markets here along with the ones sold by native people from their homes.

Cardamom: Grown mainly in the shady slopes of western ghats, is known as the “Queen of spices” because of its very pleasant aroma and taste. Its oil is a precious ingredient in food recipes.

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2. Pepper: This strong tasting spice has different kind of them as black, white and green pepper extracted from completely different plants. The black pepper is world’s most traded spice. It is native to India and is now extensively cultivated in other tropical regions.

3. Cinnamon: As a spice obtained from the bark of cinnamomum trees is used both in sweet and savoury foods. It has a long history both as a spice and medicine.

4. Vanilla: Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron because growing it is labour intensive. Vanilla essence is largely used in foods in the preparation of ice creams, chocolates, bakery products, puddings, pharmaceuticals, liquors and perfumes.

5.Clove: The clove tree is an evergreen one that is native to the spice islands of Indonesia through is grown intensively in Kerala. It’s oil is used to prepare microscopic slides for viewing and is also a local anaesthetic for toothaches, also used in perfumes, mouthwashes, germicides etc.

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The visitors of munnar can buy a variety of authentic spices each for different uses including homely needs and if you need to buy more after you leave you can buy kerala spices online without going through all the hardships to visit Kerala for another time.

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