Kerala Saree : Celebrate Vishu With Ethnic Kerala Wear


Vishu is celebrated as a family festival in Kerala. Season with the golden blossom of Indian laburnum (Kanikonna) everywhere and children enjoying a great family get together of their summer vacation.


Vishu Kani, Vishu Kaineettam, Vishu Kodi are the various practices followed by Malayalis by giving a donation of silver coin, new dress to friends and relatives. Mostly women wear traditional Kerala Sarees on vishu day while visiting temples or going for outings.


Most Popular Kerala Sarees


  • Set and Mundu

  • Kuthampully Sarees


Set Mundu

Originated from Sattika variety of Buddhism and Jainism, Set and Mundu is considered as a traditional clothing of Kerala. These sarees are woven according to the climate and natural surroundings of Kerala. You can buy Kerala traditional saree online if you are abroad and wish to celebrate vishu without losing it’s touch and glory.


Kuthampully Sarees


The Kuthampully variety of saree was traditionally hand woven and they are worn during the marriage, party, and religious festivals.


Kerala Sarees have many varieties now with more style and innovations like Kerala cotton Saree, Kerala Silk Saree, Handloom cotton silk saree . Even celebrity actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Asin, Sonakshi Sinha have worn the Kerala Kasavu Sarees and fetched a lot of global popularity.



Vishu is a festival of equality, happiness, and richness. Enjoy this Vishu by recollecting all the memories of childhood, family get-togethers, Sadhyas, travel and gifting Kerala sarees or Mundus to your loved ones.

With all these festivals and celebrations conducted without the walls of different religions and ideologies, we can call Kerala the real God’s own country.


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