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Karpooradi oil : Relief to Migraine and Snoring

Camphor is a common natural  item used in performing various religious worships. Scientifically also camphor or Karpooram proved as they  purify the environment and relieves various body pains including Sinus and Migraine.

Karpooradi oil is  an ayurvedic herbal oil prepared either in coconut oil or sesame oil base. People can buy Karpooradi oil online to get relief from their worrying problems like Migraine, sinus or even snoring habits could be solved with this camphor added oil.


How to use for Migraine?


Take a few drops of Karpooradi Oil and gently rub over the forehead for about two minutes you will get good relief. This ayurvedic oil is only used for external application and take care to keep it away from children not allowing them to swallow it, which can be poisonous.


Ingredients of Karpooradi Oil


  • Camphor
  • Coconut Oil or Sesame oil


How Snoring can be controlled ?


The reason for snoring is that you can’t freely move air through your nose and throat while sleeping. Apply one drop of karpooradi oil on the body pulse point before sleep. You can buy Karporadi oil and try for a silent comfortable sleep.


Patients with pacemakers, bleeding problems and pregnant girls should be exempted from applying pressure on body pulse point as it may  harm them adversely.


Think twice before taking medicine


All ayurvedic medicines have disease curing capacity,but take the advice of a certified physician before running for a quick remedy. Each of your body conditions may be different for medication, so think twice and only buy ayurvedic oils after confirming ayurvedic products popularity and consumer feedback.


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