Indian  Spice Box Adding Beauty To Kitchens

Indian  Spice Box Adding Beauty To Kitchens

Our knowledge of spices is that it can be used as food preservatives ,medicines, and colouring material etc. Now Spices are adding style and beauty to kitchens as Indian spice box made out of wood with different handicraft works. Last month when visited a newly built restaurant named ‘Aripathyam’  ,the dining table attracted me with spices filled inside each columns of table. Spice box is a mini version of spice collection put together inside a wooden box and it look like a flower bed of different colours made out of spices.


Spice Box Types


The artistry found in this  salvaged pieces is truly breathtaking. Each carving is different and beautiful – and these spice boxes are a staple in any Indian kitchen. Traditionally, they were meant to hold vibrant spices with rich flavor, such as turmeric, black mustard seeds, and masala. People have been using spice boxes for years to display jewelry, and love how they act as a little treasure box. These look great set up on the vanity, and can be left open as a display piece or closed for more privacy.


The secret to mastering Indian home-style cooking lies in that box, typically a round, very deep, lidded stainless steel container, fitted with seven bowls, each filled with a different spice. The idea is that you set the box beside your pot so you’re not scrambling and looking for different spice containers while the oil is at its perfect temperature.


Ease of Cooking


The spice box is the most efficient and practical way of accessing the required spices easily: Open one lid and everything you need is right there. Each spice box bowl holds a half-cup of spice that a cook will replenish every few weeks from a larger stock. Since spices, particularly ground ones, lose their flavor and aroma quickly, most cooks store them in airtight containers, keeping only small amounts in the box.


Both the box and the spices are available in Indian grocery stores. A starter box should include mustard and cumin seeds, turmeric and red chilli powders, ground cumin-coriander powder, garam masala, and whole red chiles.

Buy Spice Box


Indian spice box can be brought  from online marketplace at a reasonable price .

If you want to experiment the taste of all essential spices it is better to purchase a spice box with all spices for your kitchen. The wooden box can be later used for put your spices and can be easily use  for cooking. To taste the flavor of land of spices, buy kerala spices online with an all in one indian spice box.

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