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Good fragrance is the symbol of good personality in India, so most of  people are addicted to any of the perfumery brands available in market. Perfumes are mostly gifted item of NRI friends or relatives ,so we less shop Indian Perfumeries  and we would love to try new International perfumery brands with much celebrity actor adds and addictive smell. Telling the usual story is like using the same dress everyday,so here we can look into the success stories of Indian Entrepreneurs who  internationally branded our own Indian perfumery products . Bombay Perfumery, Mocemsa, Forest Essentials India all have grown up their industries to a competitive heights of Online fragrance markets.

1. Bombay Perfumery

Bombay Perfumery is a contemporary fragrance house based out of Mumbai that focuses on offering progressive perfumery trends to its customers. With a rich legacy of 30 years in the business of fragrances, understand how various ingredients work together to create distinct fragrances that are long lasting and full of character. Bombay Perfumery is a labor of love where each perfume is carefully built so as to highlight the provenance of the ingredients that go into it, evoking a distinct memory every time you open the bottle. You can explore the beautiful world of perfumery with our range of eau de parfums, which are Indian at heart, modern in their aesthetic and unique in the experience they provide.

Manan Gandhi the founder of Bombay Perfumery says that ” I wanted to build a brand that pay homage to the Indian Naturals that have been used in perfumery for generations,but not been given their due”.The label retails from 15 multi brand boutiques in India besides its own online store. Gandhi, who lives in Mumbai and Grasse, is practical about the footprint of Indian-made fragrances in the country, which he says is about a tenth of the overall Indian luxury business.

A 2016 Euromonitor International survey pegged the Indian fragrance market at Rs 1,800 crore, which is expected to touch Rs 3,300 crore by 2020. “But this space is dominated by deodorant brands or the cheaper, mass-market product says Gandhi, who is cautiously optimistic about the potential for niche fragrance brands such as his to compete with established global players in metros and urban centres.

2. Forest Essentials India













Making quality perfumes is a thorough study of fine craftsmanship,” says Mira Kulkarni, founder of Forest Essentials. Her 17-year-old brand that gives “ayurvedic formulations a luxurious twist”, and which now retails from over 50 stores across 17 Indian cities, last month launched its first range of three single-flower pure perfumes using nargis from Kashmir, desi gulab from Kannauj and jasmine from Madurai. Kulkarni rues the misconception that Indian beauty products are not of high quality and says it needs to be challenged and altered. “Many beauty treatments such as aromatherapy facials, body scrubs and perfumes that are available in the West are all based on centuries-old Indian traditions. If Indian companies keep consistently high standards, that perception will inevitably change,” she says.

3. Mocemsa









Born in Delhi, Malhotra headed to the exclusive Grasse Institute of Perfumery to study perfume-making under the master perfumer Max Gavarry. Belonging to a business family that supplies industrial fragrances to pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Malhotra set up a 4,000 sq yard manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, where 80 employees make fine fragrances on a high-tech robotic plant.

Educating the consumer is the most difficult aspect of perfume retail in India, if you ask Pulkit Malhotra. The 30-year-old founder of the Mocemsa range of perfumes has found that once a buyer tries his couture fragrances, he or she has no hesitation in coming back for more, but getting them to try something new in the first place is where the real work lies.

Indian Online Perfume Market

All these Indian perfume markets have their online store too and are listed in many other Indian Online marketplaces,so customers can easily pick up their Favourite  Indian fragrance easily through buy perfumes online in India search. When we dressup and use the foreign perfumeries,we actually unaware of these Indian brands which are worth quality and premium in all fragrant flavours.I think this will be a new information for our kids,who think that India is only in basic stages of building toilets for the extra money they pay in tax. But it will be realization that we have grown up to all levels as like any other developed countries through our dedicated and creative Entrepreneurs who succeeded globally. So Buy perfumes online if you need a special one than waiting for the NRI friend to gift you a foreign one. If you don’t mind be  a true Indian in your smell too.

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