Indian Ethnic Wears to look Traditional

Indian Ethnic Wears to look Traditional

Think globally and act locally is one of the  most successful slogans industries practised in India,as they know wherever the Indians are settled one day they all be dressed up in their traditional state costume to celebrate happy moments.Indian ethnic wears are very special designed according to the regional climate,geography and type of labour people are doing.So have look at some major ethnic wear designs  of major states which we all know and would like to wear once in our lifetime.


1. Kerala


The most well known of Kerala’s ethnic wear is the Mundu. Worn mostly by men, the Mundu is the state’s version of a Lungi. There are both formal and casual versions of this clothing as well various versions for women. These often have work done on them, with wedding wear having the most intricate crystal embellishments. Sarees are also worn by women in this state and are often made of Kanchipuram Silk or Benarasi Silk and embellished in a similar way.

2. Jammu and Kashmir


Women in Jammu and Kashmir wear Pherans, which have different variations for Hindu and Muslim women. While the Hindu version has narrow sleeves, the Muslim version is characterized by its broad knee length sleeves. Hindu women pair these with a headdress called Taranga while Muslim women either wear Abaya or a headdress exclusive to the state that is tied around the head and pinned. The men wear Pherans meant for them with Turbans. The traditional clothing of Jammu and Kashmir is known for featuring bright contrasting color combinations.

3. Maharashtra


Sarees, paired with Choli, are the ethnic clothing of women in Maharashtra. The men of the state wear Dhoti, paired with Pheta. Their headdresses are made of cotton, silk or wool and are called Pagadi.



4. Gujarat

Women in Gujarat traditionally wear Chaniyo and Choli, wearing embellished and embroidered Ghagra Choli and Lehenga Choli for religious festivals such as Navratri. Dupattas are worn as veils and are called Odhni. The men wear Churidar Pajamas and Kurta, paired with vibrant turbans for formal as well as casual occasions.


5. Punjab


Ensembles such as Salwar Kameez, ones featuring Churidar, are worn by the women of Punjab as well. Patiala Salwars originate from this state. The styles of this state feature scarves, or Dupattas, that contrast the color of the rest of the ensemble. The women of the state also wear Ghagra while the men wear Kurta Pajamas that sometimes feature the Churidar style as well. They also wear headgear such as Pagri. Punjab is known for its distinctive style of shoes, Juti, that has been adopted by the rest of the country for formal occasions.

Be a village Man

Normally our dress determines our standard of living,so many try to be in shirts ,trousers and suits to prove that they are economically rich with high social status.But the fact is that real essence and beauty of man and women are expressed more when they dress up in their village ethnic wears. So young Indian girls and boys ,products from Oxford , Cambridge ,IIT,IIM or MIT should buy ethnic wear online to showcase yourself as a proud man living on the earth and dreaming beyond the stars. It’s our inner core make as valuable ,so no European suits make you demanding unless you don’t discover the real value of yourself and heritage of your born land. Fortunately, Malayalis most spreaded global citizens  buy sarees online, buy dhotis online to celebrate ‘Kerala Piravi’ on coming november first ,which is historically the Kerala formation day even if they are living on any piece of land in this vast Earth.



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