Herbal Oils for Natural Hair

Long, natural and smooth hair is the dream of every individual. Be it curly or wavy or straight, strong and silky hair gives the best outlook.

Yet, many are facing issues related to different types of hair damages. Oils are considered to be the best medicines applied on our scalp and hair strands.

Herbal oils made of natural herbs and medicinal plants from mother nature applied on head gives a special feeling altogether.

They are greater remedies for hair related issues. Let’s look at some of the issues faced and the herbal oils used to rectify the problem. 

Oils for Dry Hair

oil for dry hair

Hair usually contains three layers and the outermost layer is responsible for producing natural oils.

As the result of climatic changes or overuse of chemicals shampoos on hair this outer layer breaks off and the  hair looks dry and dull.

Upon using herbal oils on hair, they help to hydrate the scalp and strands, reducing dryness of the hair.

Some of the best oils for dry hair are:

Coconut Oil

They are rich in hydrating Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, moisturizing the scalp and adding shine effect to the hairs.

Rub your hair with coconut oil and leave it for a long time for better results.

Olive Oil

In addition to the fatty acids and vitamin E, they have softening emollients like squalane and oleic acid that makes your hair super soft.

Use olive oil depending on the length of the hair. You don’t need to use a lot of these on hair. 

Avocado Oil

They are rich in fat, minerals and antioxidants, all that are required for healthy hair.

They are best for repairing damaged hair. The fruit is rich in biotin strengthening the hair and making it less dry.

Oils for Oily Scalp

Oils for Oily Scalp

Our bodies have oil sebum that secretes natural oil for the nourishment of our skin. When these sebaceous glands are overly active this results in excess oil production.

Excess oil on the head is called “Oily Scalp”. You may wonder how some more oil can reduce oily hair.

The fact is that essential oils can. Essential oils are quite different from the oils that we cook, they are less greasy.

Since they are light they penetrate into the scalp making it less oily. 

All essential oils such as lemon grass oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, sandalwood oil etc can be applied on the scalp to reduce oily head.

And why so? Because all essential oils: 

  • Contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic properties. 
  • When applied on the head, control the amount of sebum produced by the scalp.
  • They also kill other bacterias, fungus for healthy hair. 
  • Must not be applied directly, should be mixed with carrier oils before applying.

Oils for Black Hair

Oils for Black Hair

Our grandparents and parents usually have black hair and we have different versions of black and dark brown.

Are you frustrated by the complaints of your mother and want to bring black colour to your hair?

Here are some of the oils:

Jojoba Oil

These natural cold pressed jojoba oil has its make up resembling scalp’s natural sebum. Thus considered to be the most ideal oil for scalp massage. 

Sweet Almond Oil

They are very lightweight oil that won’t weigh your hair down as much as the fatty oils do. They work as a sealant for hair ends or for oil rinse.

Black Castor Oil

They are one of the most inexpensive oils that are used for hair care. They are thick in structure thus don’t over use it, minimalistic usage would be enough. 

These oils can also be used for other hair related problems like dandruffs, hair loss etc. All the essential oils and herbal oils are multifunctional in case of strengthening hair.

Some of the oils and oil mixtures can be made at home. For those with less time there are herbal oils online available at different eCommerce stores.

Make use of the easiest way to get hold of these much needed medicinal oils. They can do miracles on your hair. 

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