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Handloom Dresses In Kerala : Celebrating National Handloom Day

In Kerala , August and September are the months of celebration because of Malayalis own festival Onam and Kerala special Snake Boat race. 

Keralites are the most modern people and also tradition loving people in India, they have a taste to love both novel and ancient products. 

In India August 7 is observed as National Handloom Day from 2015 as an attempt to promote the handloom weavers in our country.  Kerala have a custom to buy Kerala sarees  or traditional Kasavu Mundu to celebrate the Onam festival and family get together functions.

Top Handloom Dresses In Kerala

  1. Kuthampully Handloom Sarees
  2. Kerala Traditional Cotton Silk Saree
  3. Kasavu Saree and Mundu
  4. Balaramapuram Dhoties
  5. Chendamangalam dresses
  6. Kasargod Sarees

Kannur in Kerala is known as the land of looms and lore, they have their own traditionally  woven dresses. If you travel through different places of Kerala you can explore different dress weavers including silk saree weavers.

When we are losing  traditional weaving industry and everything is converted into garment factories , Kerala miss that great creativity and artistry of making best kerala sarees.

Clothes means nothing until someone lives in it, So buy traditional Kerala wears for your festivals and celebration. 

If possible give as a gift  to someone who wishes to have a new dress, then you will have the great satisfaction of celebration in your mind.

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