Handicrafts : Highlighting Kerala Culture

Miniature handicrafts of Kerala houseboats, Kathakali Masks, Elephant caparison have got wide acceptance among foreigners as the artworks highlighting Kerala culture.  Why these handicrafts are special?

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To buy handicrafts many visit Kerala handicraft shops running on main cities and centers. Let’s see what are the specialties of Kerala handicrafts and how they proclaim the traditional culture and festival heritage of Kerala.


Why Kerala handicrafts are special?


  • Represent the culture and tradition of God’s own country
  • Associated with human lifestyle and high creativity
  • Unique and intense labour products
  • Very attractive and vibrant
  • Native raw materials are used
  • Extensive product ranges
  • Rising demand from foreign consumers


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Legacy of great artisans and creative people are valued with fair price through handicraft industries which are active even at village level. Modern markets make them available online and customers can buy handicrafts online from any part of the world within seconds through trusted ethnic wear marketplaces.


Which are the cultural handicrafts available?


  • Kathakali Papier-mache Masks
  • Banana Fibre Handicrafts
  • Coconut Shell Handicrafts
  • Ivory Handicrafts
  • Coir, cane and wooden handicrafts


Kerala is not only the land of lakes, mountains and beautiful plantations, it is also the making place of many marvelous handicraft products which are exhibited at large hotels, airports and other institutions as representation of an authentic divine culture.



Always make sure to buy high quality handicrafts from famous markets and well established sellers to avoid cheating. Online handicrafts  bulk order, customer purchase is common nowadays by hotels and resorts for decorating their rooms.


As Leo Tolstoy said “ Art is not a handicraft,it is the transition of feeling the artist has experienced”. Let’s experience feel and art of Kerala handicrafts.


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