Ebin Jose, C.E.O of NatureLoc.Com having a turnover of around 80 lakhs per annum.

Spices will be a strange topic for an Engineering student, they are much addicted towards technology or social media sensations. But Ebin Jose story is unique as he become one of the Successful student Entrepreneur from Kerala, who is now the CEO of NaturLoc, online spice market having a turnover of around 80 lakhs per annum.

Engineering A  Spice Business

For Ebin Jose a  21 year old third-year electronics engineering student of Rajagiri School of Engineering, the idea of the spice startup was mooted by his paternal uncle who owns spice business. When he had completed Plus- Two and had a lot of spare time, he asked his uncle, why didn’t launch a startup for online spice trading. He done an experiment to detect adulteration of honey and he found that honey  promoted as organic and pure, was in fact the opposite. So he decided to sell real organic products. Thus he engineered a spice business at home with minimum staff and managing everything with help of family and close friends.

Wide Range of Products

Spices to many organic products like bamboo steam cake maker, palm leaves plates, Ebin gradually expanded his product list and established as a strong spice brand in Kerala. Inspiring success of Ebin drives to the realization, how technology can boost up a business within a short span of time if we put good efforts in the right manner.

Inspiring Spice Sellers

Like Ebin Jose there are many who confidently coming to the online selling platforms for spices. Business transformation to the new age happen only through young generation, and success is not so expensive as Ebin has proved with his turnover. We Indian Online spices, leading online ethnic product market place are encouraging new entrepreneurs and sellers to be part of  the trending business updations than stick on to existing offline stores which may struggle in near future.

A good Market is what customer receives high quality organic products anywhere as they needs. Time has changed where people visit  market for buying and selling to stores/market visits customer through their smart devices and do business. Change is inevitable in a competitive world, so be a smart businessman of new era.

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