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Unakka irachi / Dry Meat: The Most Delicate and Tasty Dish of Kerala Cuisines

Dry meat, ‘The most amazing dish’ !!! What else can be said about dry meat dishes? There are no other descriptions that would do justice to the taste and flavour it imparts to our cuisine. Keralites love to eat dry meat with tapioca biriyani, cooked rice, rice gruel and many more varieties. Two or three kilos of dried meat, carefully packed in a jar or a vessel, will mean ‘heaven’ for hostlers. It can beat all kinds of pickles, that are usually said to be the life savours of boring hostel lives and mess food. Dry meat can be stored for a longer period of time, which makes it the favourite dish of people living abroad as well. A little bit of dry meat with other food items, will give them the taste of Kerala, a feeling of being at home. Let us see how dry meat is being produced and how they are prepared. 

Method to produce dry meat

  • Buy top quality beef from online or meat stores. 
  • Clean them properly and slice them into medium sized pieces, not too thick and not too thin. 
  • Add the required  turmeric powder, pepper powder and salt. Mix them well. 
  • Keep them aside for about 10 minutes, for the spices to get mixed onto the meat.
  • Now tie the medium sized pieces on a long string one by one, with space in between them, so that both the sides can be properly dried. Hang the string outdoors, for strong sunlight.
  • After four days, the meat will be properly sun dried. 

How to prepare dry meat as a side dish? 

Once the raw meat is made into a reddish-brown sun dried meat, it can be used to prepare delicious side dishes that can be enjoyed with cooked rice, rice gruel, tapioca biriyani and many more. Let us see the preparation steps of dry meat. 

  • Take the amount of dry meat required to make the dish, and the rest can be stored in a jar or a tin. Crush the dry meat with the help of grinding stones and make them soft. Dry meat can also be crushed on the grinder (mixy). 
  • Take a pan and heat the oil. Add crushed garlic, shallots and curry leaves into the oil. 
  • Add chilli powder, pepper powder and the necessary salt into the pan.
  • Add the crushed dry meat and cook them till the meat gets crispy.
  • The delicious, tempting dry meat is ready to be served.

Sun drying top quality raw meat would require some effort and time. For the people who are in shortage of time there are even chances to buy dry meat online. Nothing should stop you from enjoying this delicate dish. Dry meat is an emotion that can never be explained in words. Taste it once, it will surely snatch a space on your menu FOREVER. 

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