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Dry Ginger Coffee: Home remedy for Cough & Cold

Winter season is also a  worrying season, because of the frequent cough and cold problems we face. Intense cold at dawn and dusk, hot sun at noon makes our body more prone to cough and cold. Running to hospital for cold and cough is impossible always, due to our busy work schedules or engagements. So what is the best way to treat cold and cough at home? Have a dry ginger coffee/Chukku Kappi and take rest, feel the difference.

Chukku Kappi/Dry ginger coffee

Dry ginger was an easily available Kerala spice in most homes, but now we have to buy ginger coffee powder online or from nearby shops. Let’s see the health benefits of dry ginger coffee and how they can treat you from regular cough and cold.

Health Benefits

1.Warm throughout the day and will prevent from cold and flu

2.Eliminate toxins and congestion from body

3.Reducing gas, indigestion and cramps

How to Make Chukku Kappi?



  • Boil all the ingredients, till the jaggery melt.
  • Filter the coffee and drink,say goodbye to cough and cold.

Home Remedy Spices

Along with dried ginger, cardamom, Methi/Fenugreek are also widely used as home remedy for many seasonal diseases. As old generation practised natural medicines and treatment for maintaining health , let’s utilize the potential of Kerala spices for better effective medical results. Cutshort medical bills, invest in good health practises.

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