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Dry fruits and Brain food: The perfect food during exam

How to pass through the exam without stress and health problems? Students always skip food to get more time on last minute study.

What are the perfect food during exam Season? We know these months of February, March, April, and may, june are time of final exams and competitive test. Dry fruits and brain food are the best option.

So let’s see how to plan your diet for better body health and maximum output from brain like good memory.

Top brain food tips for exam

Quality dry fruits:  Hazelnuts ,walnuts and cashew nuts are great snacks  that keep students focused and energized. Magnesium,copper and iron maintains healthy nervous system that never make you feel tired during study hours.

Spices and health drinks: Turmeric spices, coconut oil, naturally caffeinated green tea or coffee are good for memory power.

Fruits and Vegetables: Bananas and raw vegetables are best brain food with high antioxidants and nutrients for nourishing brain.

Buy Health, Buy Success.

Health is the natural gift behind every success, so buy good health through buy brain food and best quality dry fruits. Success will follow you if you have good food and sleeping habit. So be successful by including organic food products in your diet.

Always be a topper in your exam, with hard work and good brain food. Best wishes for all aspiring exam candidates.

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