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Dry fruit laddu: How to make a healthy sweet?

Dry fruit laddu is a festival sweet in India, prepared in connection with Diwali, Navratri and Krishna Janmashtami. This healthy sweet doesn’t require any sugar, Jaggery or edible gum to get round shape. Seedless dry fruits are enough for sweetness and they will also act as edible gum.

dry fruit laddu

Ingredients needed for Dry Fruit Laddu



How To Make Dry Fruit Laddu?


  • In a blender take 1 cup of seedless dates and dry blend around 4-5 pulses.
  • Blend dates coarsely. keep aside.
  • Now finely chop cashews, pistachios and almonds. Do not powder them as you won’t enjoy the crunchy bites.
  • Now take a kadai and add a tbsp of ghee.
  • Add all the dry fruits like raisins, cashews, pistachios and almonds.
  • fry them on medium flame for 3-4 minutes till they change colour lightly.
  • Now add coarsely blend dates.
    continue to fry on medium flame smashing dates with a spatula. this helps dates to separate out and mix uniformly with other dry fruits.
  • Also add cardamom powder and continue to saute.
    saute till the dates start releasing oil.
  • Turn off the flame and allow to cool for a minute or 2.
    Then immediately start making laddus. Do not cool completely, then you won’t be able to make laddus.
  • Serve immediately or store ladoo in airtight container.


Dry Fruit laddu is ideal for calorie watchers, also they are rich in Vitamin , Iron, Magnesium and Beta Carotene. Buy dry fruits online and enjoy making laddu at home more easily.


Let your guests have some surprise welcome sweet without no sugar and Jaggery.


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