Drop shipping Websites in India

dropshipping websites in india

You might have heard the term ‘drop shipping’, yet how many of you really know what it means? Here is a peep into this online business term loud and clear. Drop shipping in India is a cost effective initiative booming in our digital world for the start of an e-commerce business.

To be more specific, the dropshipping model only requires an entrepreneur with an active website. This allows the entrepreneur to sell products without owning a single product listed, the store purchases the item from the third party – manufacturers or wholesalers – and ships it directly to the customers.

As contrast to the standard retail model, the seller need not stock the products or own any inventory. All they have to do is seal the deal with the wholesalers and they will take care of the rest. You may wonder how does this work? Well here it is:

  • Step 1: Start an E-commerce website with enough suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Step 2: You receive orders from the customers.
  • Step 3: The online store automatically sends the order details to the dropshipping supplier.
  • Step 4: Upon receiving the order, the supplier packs the products. 
  • Step 5: The packed products are shipped directly to the customers.

So the digital entrepreneur is just fulfilling the orders of the customers as a mediating platform without actually owning any products listed in the site. 

Now let us look at the benefits of dropshipping method :

  • Requires less Capital Investment: Can you imagine starting a business without investing a lot of money for capital purchasing? In the dropshipping method, you don’t need any investments. In fact you only need to settle with the wholesalers or manufacturers after the customer has placed an order and paid for it via different payment methods. 

dropshipping websites in india

  • It’s easy to begin: In order to start an ecommerce store you don’t have to worry about,

* buying the products 

 * stocking the products in warehouses 

 * packing and shipping the orders  

 * deal with returned products.

dropshipping websites in india

  • Flexibility of location: An ecommerce website can be maintained from anywhere, as long as you have a laptop, a strong internet connection and a proper communication with the customers and suppliers for managing the businesses.

dropshipping websites in india

  • Display a longer list of items: Whatever the wholesaler or the supplier has can be listed on the website, without the store holder pre-purchasing any items. Many suppliers with different arrays of products will make the list longer and longer gaining trust of the customers.

dropshipping websites in india

Drop shipping websites in India has lots of opportunities in the future generations. Online shoppers have increased tremendously as compared to the previous years and will continue to increase in the future decades. These online dwellers browse through a lot of online platforms searching for the right product.

There are even a majority of online buyers looking for the best possible deals with discounts and off rates. Thus, with the increasing numbers of virtual shoppers dropshipping websites can reap a good harvest indeed. 

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