Dates : Types and Benefits

Once you taste an Arabian date, you can’t resist your hands taking another one. Dates are tasty and nutritious food that we all need to include in our daily diet. Best dates in the world are very rare to purchase .

If we know about the types and benefits of dates , surely we can buy best dates online through the marketplace available on our fingertips.

Famous Types of Dates

Around the world  there are nearly 26 types of dates available and I would like to list some of the most famous dates.

  • Ajwa Dates : Soft , dry  dates but sweet and smooth to eat.
  • Barhi Dates: smallest and fragile type with golden brown colour.
  • Deglet Noor Dates : True date taste ,name means date of the light.
  • Dried Dates: Allowed to sunrippen on tree.
  • Mabroom Dates: High Quality premium dates.
  • Sukkari Dates: Crisp and sweet,good for healing.
  • Halawy Dates : Sweet honey flavoured soft dates.

Benefits of Eating Dates

In middle east date palm is considered as the tree of life , realizing the benefits  and the meaning of dates is ‘finger ‘ which is derived from greek name daktylos. You will start  buy dried fruits online including dates after moving through this benefits.

1.Constipation Relieves

2. Strong bones and gain weight

3. Healthy heart and nervous system

4. Increase Energy level

5. Good for pregnant women

6. Improve dental and hair health

Dates may be an expensive fruit, but the health benefits make them the staple fruit of middle east. To know more about the health  benefits of spices and dryfruits read our blog.

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