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Culturally Woven Unique Handicrafts of Kerala

Almost all the thousands and lakhs of tourists visiting Kerala would have a wooden face of Kathakali dancer or a golden caparison of elephants or ivory handicrafts carefully packed as a souvenir to be taken back to their home or country upon leaving God’s own country, Kerala.

The state is well known for its rich cultural heritage, refreshing backwaters, natural reservoirs etc. The talented artisans and craftsmen of Kerala produce high quality handicrafts and sculptures using eco-friendly materials available in the land. Even without visiting Kerala you could buy handicrafts online in different sites to incorporate Kerala heritage within your home interiors.

Here are the major types of handicrafts produced in Kerala

Coir Products

Coir is a natural product manufactured from coconut trees. These eco-friendly coirs are used in creating handicrafts such as coir mattress, mats, floor carpets, coir animals, coir flower pots etc. They are made in different colours and patterns. Calicut and Kollam are the two districts in Kerala famous for the production and supply of coir handicrafts quite famous within and beyond the state. 


Crafts built with wooden pieces are one of the evergreen handicrafts in Kerala passing on from generation to generation. The inspiration for wooden crafts are sure to have come from the Hindu mythologies. However it is hard to resist small decorative wooden pieces displayed in different ethnic shops. Decorative boxes, candle stands, Kathakali dance posters, lamps, animals and birds handmade of woods are some of the items coming to this category. 

Coconut Shell Handicrafts

Coconut trees are found in the nook and corner of Kerala, widely known as “the land of coconuts”. Coconut shells are often thrown out upon grating, but the artisans of Kerala have been creative in making amazing handicrafts with coconut shells. They are used to make decorative flower vases, bowls, tea pots, hookahs, lamp stands etc. The wide variety of coconut shell handicrafts will definitely throw you wonderstruck.

Screw Pine Products

Weaving products with screw pine existed long from the ancient days. There are three types of items woven with screw pine: straw hats, household linen and carry bags. They are widely made and sold in different parts of the state and the country.

Ivory Handicrafts

Huge black elephants with long white ivory often represent the face and culture of Kerala. The ivories in Kerala are also made productive by making ivory handicrafts. Ivory is hard in texture and white in colour, thus the carvings and sculptures made of ivory are distinct in appearance and have a special charm. They are very delicate objects, thus need to be careful upon handling. 

Lacquerware wire

It is actually a blend of wood and metal. Upon finishing the wooden crafts the artisans give a lacquer finishing touch to the material and later decorate it with metals. Ernakulam district of Kerala has the most famous lacquer wire products finest in the state.

Pottery products

In this the talented craftsmen moulds the clay into different shapes to create varied handicrafts. Mythical legends, masks, vessels, jars, vases etc. will lift the pride of your home decors. Lately Kerala Government took extra effort in bringing the lost art to life. 

These types of handicrafts as wall hangings, carry bags, home decors etc. appreciates and encourages the talents of skilled artisans and craftsmen in Kerala. Nowadays there are ecommerce sites for the craftsmen to sell handicrafts online so that their high quality products get enough and maximum reach.

This will also bring in the right audience who are interested in buying these without coming to the state. It is best to have something of these kinds in your house to boost up the grandeur of home interiors. 

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