Cool Your Summer Days : Six Natural Spices

In India both the political and natural atmosphere is too hot because of election and unexpected summer days much earlier. So the political candidates and common people are in  an internal fight to hydrate themselves with many cooling techniques like gooseberry, lemon juice, spiced buttermilk, other fresh juices etc



As spicy food lovers we can’t simply say goodbye to our dear spices to maintain a healthy diet during summer days. You can buy organic spices ,use it in diet and  stay cool.Here we see which are the six natural spices that can cool your summer days.


Cool spices For Hot Days


  • Mint
  • Fennel
  • Cumin
  • Turmeric
  • Green Cardamom
  • Saffron



Mint: Menthol present in mint fight harsh heat which help to open up skin pores to keep our body cool. You can buy natural mint and include as a healthy  spice to keep us always fresh.



Fennel & Cumin: High vitamin c content in fennel creates a cooling impact on skin, also fennels remove bad mouth smell. Easy to buy fennel seed as per your requirement anywhere from retail shops to online marketplace.

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High potassium content in Cumin keeps body liquid balance. Drinking Cumin water every day dehydrates body and keep temperature cool. Buy high quality cumin online and enjoy comfortable summer.


Turmeric: The Yellow spice turmeric mainly act as a detoxification  medicine. Buy  turmeric products for face care, recipes  and even drinking water to ensure safety and cleansing our body which keep body cool.

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Green Cardamom & Saffron: Cardamom along with tea keep body cool by removing three main doshas of body according to ayurveda . Saffron raise the mood of your body. Make sure to buy premium cardamom and saffron online.

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The best way to cool yourself is drinking plenty of pure water than normal. Summer food should be controlled, avoid fatty and dried products. We just ignore the possible remedies available nearby and search for what others say.


Have a safe comfortable summer with these cooling spices and healthy drinks.


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