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Cloves : Most Surprising Health Benefits

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Most of the spices in our kitchen are emergency medicines also. Many times when we feel a toothache, the quickest remedy is to chew a clove and bite that for some time were there is pain.

When we buy clove and store them for preparing tasty foods, we never think of the medicinal and health benefits. Here are some of the surprising health benefits of cloves.

Health Benefits Of Cloves

  1. Cloves contain Eugenol , an essential oil which contain antiseptic properties to reduce tooth pain and support dental care.
  2. Relieve the constipation problems and indigestion. Also helps to relax the smooth lining of gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Acts as an antioxidant, helps in controlling blood pressure.
  4. Very good amount of Vitamin A and vitamin C helps to develop resistance against infectious diseases.

Dental experts suggest clove oil as the best medicine for temporary tooth pain, if you feel an extreme pain during midnight or while at the office.

Clove Flower

There are a few customers who enquire about the origin and processing of each spice products in India when they buy. Actually that is a good habit , to understand more about what we are consuming daily.

Clove is an aromatic dried flower bed, said to be  native of Indonesia. Fresh cloves are pink in color and they turn to brown when they are dried. Look like small nails they have flowery head and an elongated body. Having a pungent aroma, powdered cloves are also used. 

Mostly cloves are added as they are, in tasty biriyanis and other curries. Now people can buy cloves online, if they didn’t get quality product from the nearby stores. 

Large hotel and restaurant owners purchase cloves and other Indian spices in bulk quantity as they require it for daily cooking. Hilly tracts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the places where cloves are produced in India. 

Farmers find it difficult to trade their spice products, as the wholesalers pay less for their yield. But now the online spice market in India, opening platforms for farmers to sell online their quality spice products is building a new hope among the farmers.

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