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Chembarathi Thaali / Hibiscus Thaali : Natural Hair Treatment

How to grow thick hair, prevent hair loss, remove dandruff is an unsolved question for the new generation?

Among various hair expert suggestions and treatments to strengthen hair, hibiscus thali is successfully proved effective hair growing solution. Always buy hair care products naturally prepared.

Hibiscus shampoo preparation- Watch video

Video Credits- Forest Cooking Channel

Natural Hair Solution  

Hibiscus is rich in vitamin c that boosts amino acid which gives strength to hair. Also, the flower stimulates hair growth from bald patches and dormant follicles of the head. Natural hair care solutions make it easier for people to apply without any fear of side effects.

Hibiscus leaves are also used to remove split ends by keeping hair hydrated, strong and nourished.

Benefits of   hibiscus

  • Massaging the hibiscus thali oil into your scalp with your fingertips increase hair growth.
  • The paste of fenugreek seed, hibiscus leaves and buttermilk used as dandruff pack.
  • Hibiscus shampoo effectively cleanse hair without stripping away it’s natural oil and provides scalp health.
  • Hibiscus and coconut oil conditions dry hair.
  • Aloe Vera and Hibiscus mix for healthy hair growth.

Use Organic Treatments

Hair problems are not only hereditary, but it’s also how much you care, wash and nourish it with natural treatments. Buy hibiscus thali oil and try how they bring change to your hair problems.

Avoid using chemical shampoos and other hair care products which guarantee a quick result, they are actually ruining your hair health with continuous use.

Have a good scalp massaging thrice a week and experience good results. Your hair is your crown so don’t take the risk, always buy organic herbal products.

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