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Cardamom Price: How Expensive is Cardamom?

Attitude is like Cardamom in biryani, everyone likes it’s flavor but no one wants its bite. Talking about Cardamom price is just as this beautiful quote, price looks attractive but farmers are just spectators of the new price hike.

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Cardamom hit a fresh price record touching all time high of 3,273 per Kg. But record price is not benefiting farmers because of less production in cardamom growing areas of Kerala and other states. To buy cardamom from Kerala, traders find difficult to meet customer demands due to high price.


Cardamom shortage


During this season spot markets in Rajasthan expected an arrival of 30,000 to 35,000 bags, but due to lower crop this year only 7,000 to 8,000 bags of arrival are seen. And majority of farmers due to their poor financial capacity were forced to clear their stocks in the last quarter at a time prices were lower.

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Farmers say the shortage of summer rain is also the reason for reduction in crop production. Experts expects a season by June- July if there is enough summer rain. Common farmers complains that loop holes available in the cardamom auction system like un regulated re-pooling are exploited by the middlemen for reaping high profits. Wholesalers are benefited than farmers and small traders.


Price Fluctuation in Future Months


At various auctions cardamom got high prices like Rs2495/- , Rs3273/- etc which is almost double than previous quarter sales. Most of the people think that if re-pooling is regulated price fluctuations in the market can be controlled to a great extent in future months.

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Cardamom traders opinion that it’s the best time to sell cardamom in auction to get best profit for your spice products.


Even though heavy flood and decline of summer rain affected cardamom production , high price is a positive sign for cardamom export industry and Indian spice market

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