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Our main aim is to deliver every order successfully, however we reserve the right to cancel any order without any explanation for doing so, as per the circumstances where the requirement could not be met. The company will ensure that any communication of cancellation of an order or any applicable refund will be made in reasonable time. Some of the circumstances which may result in your order being cancelled include: –

  • Non-availability of items. If product is not in stock and is no longer available with our seller/artisan/merchant/vendor.
  • As per terms and conditions, if customer’s order exceed quantity or number or orders. Order above 10 in quantity will be entitled for bulk orders. If you wish to place a bulk order, please contact our customer care team at info@IndianOnlineSpices.com and we will be happy to assist you.
  • If an item is found defective/damaged/broken at the quality check stage, the shipment/order gets cancelled and the customers will be informed about the same through email notification.
  • In case of inaccurate or insufficient address and/or if delivery locations stands as a non-serviceable area.
  • Due to any unforeseen circumstances or internal reasons the company reserves the right to cancel any order at any point of time, and will not be liable to anyone for the same.


Customer can cancel an order until before it is processed and dispatched by our sellers. Customer can cancel an order and cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 12 hours of placing the order or, if your order is not yet been shipped, whichever is earlier. To cancel the order, you can reach our customer care – email us at info@IndianOnlineSpices.com

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