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This policy is to be read along with other policies on our Website, including but not limited to our Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy. By using this Website and shopping on IndianOnlineSpice, you hereby agree to all our policies and terms, which constitute a legally binding agreement. A “Buyer” is a specific type of User of IndianOnlineSpice website who purchases products as a guest user or one who registers himself/ herself on the platform with the intent of making a purchase of items listed on the platform

The domain name and trademark, ‘IndianOnlineSpice’ is owned by IndianOnlineSpices.Com, herein after referred as ‘IndianOnlineSpices, ‘Platform’ ,’Site’, ‘Website’, ‘Our’ , ‘We’ or ‘the Company’ interchangeably. The Website is owned and operated by the Company. Please take some time to read these terms carefully and make sure you understand your rights as well as what is expected of you as a buyer.


  1. IndianOnlineSpices.com website is an online platform in the form of an electronic marketplace and an intermediary that
    1. provides a platform for sellers to advertise, exhibit, make available and offer to sell various Products to buyers/ customers and;
    2. a platform for such other Users to accept the offer to sell of the Products made by the sellers on the Website and to make payments to the sellers for purchase of the Products, and;
    3. Services to facilitate the engagement of buyers and sellers to under commerce on the Website. The Services are offered to the Users through various modes which may include issue of coupons and vouchers that can be redeemed for various Products.

We only provide a platform to connect you to these sellers and enable you to discover variety ofbeautiful products. You enter into a transaction with a seller solely at your discretion and you understand that the Website or the Company are not parties to that transaction and only act as facilitators of the transaction.


By shopping on IndianOnlineSpices.com, you understand that

  1. You are buying directly from one or more Sellers on the platform and each of the Sellers have unique listings, policies, processing times, and payment modes. Please make sure you understand all the terms of the sale before completing the transactions.
  2. We take great efforts to pre-screen and verify Sellers before allowing them to access and sell through the Website, we do not guarantee or endorse any items or Sellers listed on IndianOnlineSpices.com or any content posted by Sellers (such as photographs or language used in listings or their Seller policies).
  3. You must ensure that you have read the item description and policies and understood them before entering into a transaction.
  4. Any information you provide on the Website shall be accurate and up-to-date.
  5. You can explore various products and Sellers’ profiles on the Website and once you have decided about your purchase, you must place an Order with the respective Seller. You understand that the sale is solely between you and the Seller and the Seller is responsible for shipping the product to you.
  6. You may be able to make purchases from different Sellers as part of a single transaction on the Website, however, payment modes, processing times, shipping methods and policies, cancellation and refund, etc. would vary from Seller to Seller. Please be sure to refer to these details and clarify your doubts before placing an order on the Website.
  7. You will pay the transaction amount (“Transaction Amount”) via the payment method enabled by the Seller, which is either an Online Payment done using a payment gateway at the time of purchase or Cash On Delivery while receiving the item.
  8. You will be intimated by an email communication when the Transaction Amount is credited to the account of the Company (in case of Online Payment) or on committing to pay the Transaction Amount at the time of Delivery if you opt for Cash on Delivery payment method, which will be confirmed by the Website.
  9. You must provide accurate shipping information to the Seller, so that the product can be shipped to you.
  10. Once you place an order successfully and initiate a transaction on the Website, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract with the Seller to purchase the product. You must fulfill this purchase order by making the payment through the online Payment method or Cash on Delivery payment option, as accepted by the Seller. You can use only one mode of payment to pay for the item(s) from a particular Seller if the Seller has given the option to select either of the payment options: Cash On Delivery or Online Payment.
  11. You agree and acknowledge that the Company is only an intermediary of collection and remittance of purchase amounts. No interest or any benefits whatsoever is given to or can be claimed by the Buyer on the amount collected by the Company, on behalf of the Seller, through the prescribed payment methods.
  12. You agree with the respective Seller(s) on the commercial terms of the transaction including but not limited to Transaction Amount, terms of dispatch and delivery or any extension thereof by way of exchange of electronic records/ electronic communication by using the features as may be provided on the Website and the transaction shall stand amended to such extent, provided that any such variation of the terms of the transaction are not in violation of the User Agreement and other policies on the Website.
  13. We will provide a unique Order ID for every order, with the list of item(s) purchased, the Seller’s name, quantity and delivery charges (if applicable) This information will be e-mailed to you as after the transaction is completed and the same will be available for review in your ” My Account” section.
  14. For all online Pre- payments we shall permit you to obtain Authentication (wherever applicable) and Authorisation of Payment through our Payment Gateway Partners (such as PayPal and Citrus Pay and other service providers, as the case may be) and shall request for Authorisation of charge for the Transaction Amount due for the Item(s) that is part of the Transaction.
  15. After the payment of the Transaction Amount is completed successfully, the Seller shall make arrangements to fulfil the Order.
  16. The Seller shall deliver the product(s) through such modes of delivery as stated in the listing and shall retain the proof of such delivery of the product(s) for up to 1 year.
  17. You can enquire about the status of each of your purchases by visiting your My Account section or you can contact us on info@IndianOnlineSpice.com for any queries related to Purchases, Requests, Cancellations, etc.


As an online marketplace, IndianOnlineSpice’s role is to connect buyers with sellers. As a shopper, when you place an order through IndianOnlineSpices.com, you enter into a transaction with a seller, facilitated by IndianOnlineSpices.com. A transaction is created when a buyer has completed the checkout process on IndianOnlineSpices.com. Both the buyer and the seller are sent an email from IndianOnlineSpices.com about the order and a receipt record in their IndianOnlineSpices.com account. A transaction is considered complete after the buyer has submitted payment and the seller has shipped the item to the buyer and when the shipment gets successfully delivered to the buyer.

IndianOnlineSpice aims to keep the shopping experience consistent across the marketplace; however, since each seller is an independent business, there may be some differences between sellers. Each seller may have their own specific policies for things like shipping time, Shipping policy, returns, exchanges and custom orders; these seller policies may not conflict with IndianOnlineSpice’s site-wide policies. Additionally, please take note that third-party services may be involved in a transaction (for example: payment gateway, logistic partners), and these other services may have different policies regarding transactions or use of their services. Buyer is required to read all the terms and conditions of the website user agreement and the respective seller policies defined by the seller before the purchase of the product.


You can communicate with the Sellers directly by using the ‘Ask Seller A Question’ in My Account Section You may use this feature to enquire about the products for sale by the Seller or the purchases you have already made. However this option may not be used for the following activities:

  1. Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam;
  2. Harassing or abusing the Seller;
  3. Contacting a Seller after they have explicitly asked you not to;
  4. Interference is strictly prohibited on IndianOnlineSpice.
    Examples of interference include Contacting another member via IndianOnlineSpice to warn them away from a particular seller, or item, Posting in public areas to demonstrate or discuss a dispute with another member; or purchasing from a Seller for the sole purpose of leaving a negative review.


You shall not communicate with other Users outside the Website to warn them about a Seller, products or listing. However, you are entitled to provide feedback and/or reviews/ratings for Sellers as per the feedback facilities provided on the Website.


You shall use the feedback mechanism of comment and review to communicate your fair opinion and facts in respect of any Seller, Item or the Website of your experience whilst using the Website. However you may

  1. only post feedback known to you from first-hand experience.
  2. not include any hearsay information, or information that results in maligning any User, brand or product in your feedback

You must inform the Company immediately on becoming aware of violation of any applicable laws or violation of the provisions of this User Agreement and the rules and policies made thereunder at info@IndianOnlineSpices.com


Reviews are a great way to learn about a Seller’s items and it helps good Sellers build a strong reputation, or help warn other Buyers about a poor experience.

The number of reviews you can leave for a specific item depends on the number of times you have purchased that item. You may leave a review for each purchase you have made on an item. By leaving a review, you acknowledge that:

  1. Your review and/or photograph and profile information will be publicly displayed on the Sellers listing and review pages.
  2. Reviews may not:
    1. Contain private information such as Phone number, mail address;
    2. Contain obscene, racist, or harassing language or imagery;
    3. Contain advertising or spam;
    4. Be about things outside the Seller’s control, such as a shipping carrier, IndianOnlineSpices.com or a third party;
    5. Undermine the integrity of the Reviews system.


  1. Extortion is not allowed on IndianOnlineSpices.com. Any attempt to manipulate reviews through threats, intimidation, or bribery is considered extortion and is strictly prohibited on IndianOnlineSpices.com. Examples of extortion include the following:
    1. Buyer leaves a negative review/comment/feedback in an attempt to force the Seller into providing additional items that were not agreed upon in the original transaction.
    2. A Buyer leaves a negative review/comment/feedback in an attempt to force the Seller into providing a refund when a refund is not warranted.
  2. Fraudulent inflation of a Seller’s reputation by use of an alternate account is not allowed on IndianOnlineSpices.com. It violates our core value of transparency. Reviews, comments and feedbacks must reflect the honest, unbiased opinions, findings, beliefs, or experience of the Buyer.
  3. You understand that, as stated in IndianOnlineSpice’s Terms of Use IndianOnlineSpices.com has a license to use any content you provide to IndianOnlineSpices.com

We reserve the right to remove reviews that violate our policies and/or Terms of Use.


As a Buyer of the platform you shall be notified by IndianOnlineSpice via email and/or SMS for a variety of events that is triggered by you. You will be notified to the registered email address and Mobile number for actions that are related to you such as Account update, when a Request is placed to a Seller, Status on Orders etc. etc..


When you make a Purchase, You will be notified of the Transaction and all subsequent updates to your purchases via Email and Mobile SMS’, those include

  1. When your Order has been confirmed
  2. When the item(s) in your Order are Ready For Delivery
  3. When the Item is successfully Delivered
  4. When following events occur due to Cancellations
    1. When you Cancel one or more item(s) from your Purchase
    2. When the IndianOnlineSpice Administrator Cancels one or more item(s) from your Purchase as per request from you or the Seller
    3. When a Refund has been processed by IndianOnlineSpice for your Cancelled Item(s) or Purchase


You will receive a notification Email for the following instances

  1. When you Receive a Response to the message you had sent to the Seller;
  2. When the Review you had written for the item you purchased, has been added to the website;
  3. We may send you promotional emails to you if you have opted for one in your Profile Section.


You will be notified if you are blocked by the admin for any reason that has been found to violate the IndianOnlineSpice Terms of Use.


You shall pay the Transaction Price through the available methods of payment i.e. Payment on Billing or Payment on Delivery (Cash on Delivery), for the Transactions conducted on the Website. You will be intimated when (i) the Transaction Price is credited to the account of the Company (in case of Payment on Billing) or (ii) on committing to pay the Transaction Price on Delivery if you opt for Payment on Delivery payment method, which will be confirmed by the Website. The Website shall notify the Buyer upon Payment Confirmation as provided herein.


Buyers are not permitted to buy any product without making a payment of the Transaction Price by Payment on Billing method or opting for Payment on Delivery orsuch other payment method provided by the Company on the Website, in respect of the product as described in the listing.


You shall provide accurate and current contact details at all times on the Website and you shall be obliged to update any change in your contact information on the Website immediately. The Company takes no responsibility for any delay/ non-delivery of the goods on account of failure of the User to update the contact information provided on the Website and any consequent negative feedback by the Buyer will be deleted or modified.



    The Company reserves the right to limit the amount payable and the volume of the Transaction that may be conducted on a single Valid Card/ Valid Bank Account by a Buyer and may refuse to process Transactions exceeding such limits and may also block certain Valid Cards or Valid Bank Accounts that are suspected to be misused while paying the Transaction price.

    To prevent any misuse, a payment (in whichever method) of the Transaction price initiated by the Buyer may be flagged or kept on hold for additional checks and verification in which case the Company may contact the Buyer for verification of or additional information, details, data and documents. The Company may not confirm the payment if such information, details, data and documents are false, misleading, incorrect or incomplete and consequently the Valid Card and/or the Valid Bank Account will not be charged. In such case, the Dispatch timelines will not commence until Payment Confirmation. The result of the checks and verification shall be communicated to the Buyer and Seller.
    The Company reserves the right to refuse to process Transaction price in respect of Transactions by Buyers with a prior history of questionable charges including without limitation breach of any agreements by Buyer with the Company or breach/ violation of any applicable law or any charges imposed by the Issuing Bank.

    In case of payment by Payment on Billing, upon successful receipt of the Transaction price by the Company from the Buyer within 3days of booking the Transaction and completion of verification of payment in accordance with the clause above, the Company shall notify the Buyer and the Seller that the Transaction price has been received. In case of payment by Payment on Delivery(Cash on Delivery), the Company shall notify the Buyer and Seller that the Buyer has committed to pay the Transaction price by Payment on Delivery (Cash on Delivery).

    The Seller shall provide the Dispatch Details within 3 days specified from the Payment Confirmation or within such timelines as may be agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller on the Website. If the Seller fails to provide the Dispatch Details within such prescribed time, the Company may in its sole discretion cancel the Transaction and refund the Transaction price (if paid) to the Buyer. In case of Delivery outside India (International Orders in which case only electronic payment shall be acceptable), the Dispatch Details by the Seller have to be entered on the Website within 5 days of Payment Confirmation.

    The time within which the Seller is required to ensure Delivery of the items to the buyer shall be calculated from the time the Seller enters the Dispatch Details on the Website i.e. within 7 working days from entering the Dispatch Details for delivery within India and within 21days from entering the Dispatch Details for delivery outside India (International Orders) or such other timeline as may have been agreed upon between the buyer and company intimated on the Website.

    You shall immediately notify the Website upon non Delivery within the prescribed time period. If you fail to provide such notification/ confirmation of non-receipt of an item within_7 days of expiry of the Delivery time prescribed in the above clause, it shall be construed as a deemed Delivery in respect of that Transaction and the Transaction Price shall not be refunded. In case of Cash on Delivery Transactions, the Company will update the shipment Delivery status on a periodic basis and the Buyer is not required to confirm receipt of items.

    Enquiries about your Purchase(s) can be placed by way of email to info@IndianOnlineSpices.com which shall be responded to within 2-3 business days from the receipt of the email.

    Please refer to our returns, refunds, exchange and cancellation policy posted on our Website.

    All Transactions conducted on the Website for which Valid Cards and Valid Bank Accounts are used for remittance of payment for Transactions on the IndianOnlineSpices.com Website will also be governed by the terms and conditions agreed to between the buyer and the respective Issuing Bank and payment instrument issuing company and you shall not violate any such terms and conditions. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its service providers against any direct or indirect liability that may arise on account of such violation. All online bank transfers from Valid Bank Accounts are processed using the gateway to provide these services to the Users.

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