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Buy Tea Powder Online : Interesting Facts About Tea

Do you know which is the most widely consumed drink in the world? 


Definitely the answer is water, then who holds the second place? It’s Tea 

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Tea is the second most consumed drink and beverage in the world. And is the only beverage commonly served hot or iced anywhere anytime for any occasions. 


How old, the  habit of drinking tea?


Tea was discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen – Nung  in BC 2737. As historians say some tea leaves accidentally blew into Emperors pot of boiling water and created the first  tea brew. So the habit of tea drinking started almost 5000 years ago. 


Now you can buy tea powder online, prepare tasty tea or use tea bags to treat your unexpected guests reaching home. 


Most Popular Tea Varieties  In World


  • White Tea : Most purest and expensive tea
  • Green Tea : Favorite choice of Asians and most popular
  • Black Tea : Tastes strong and energy giving
  • Herbal Tea : Does not contain any leaves from Camellia plant
  • Oolong Tea : Chinese Tea pronounced as Wu long tea
  • Rooibos Tea : Red tea made from a South African Red Bush
  • Mate Tea : Tea taste like coffee,mate is a wild shrub from Argentina


Lemon Tea, Masala Tea, Cardamom Tea and Vanilla Tea are the different flavors available for nourishing the day of tea lovers.  For your kitchen buy premium tea and entertain guests and relatives.

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Tea plantations are a natural scenery in the hill stations of Kerala in India, which is popularly known as Gods own country.


A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds. So let’s have a cup of tea and  enjoy new tea thoughts. 


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