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Buy Kerala Spices online: Enjoy Land of Spices

Land of spices is undoubtedly a traveller paradise you could experience anything ranging from backwater to hill stations. It isn’t surprising that Kerala has been rated one of the 50 Places in the World to Visit in a Lifetime by National Geographic Traveller.

Roads pass through landscapes dotted with  tea, coffee, spice and rubber plantations, and natural forests, en route to wildlife reserves such as Periyar, where herds of mud-caked elephants roam freely in vast tracts of jungle.

Some of the top attractions and tourist places in Kerala are the Varkala Beach, Munnar Hill Station, Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam, Chinese Fishing Net in Fort Kochi, Periyar National Park in Thekkady and Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom, Mattancherry Palace in Chettinad, Cherai Beach, Athirapally Falls and Guruvayur Temple.

Most Demanding Kerala spices

  1. Pepper: Pepper is also known as the King Of Spices and rightly so, because of its excellent medicinal value and popularity. It was the demand of pepper that finally led to colonial conquests, war and eventually suppression.

2. Cardamom:The truly unique taste, flavor and aroma makes this spice one of the most sought after ones in the whole world. Cardamom is famous as an aphrodisiac and a stimulant, and is also used for making perfumes and breath fresheners.

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3. Clove:With its incredible antiquity was once used by the people of Kerala to improve their dental hygiene. Hence it has excellent medicinal properties. Manufacturers use clove to make perfumes, soaps and toothpastes as well.

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4. Nutmeg:Nutmeg is an essential condiment used in sauces, soaps, confectionaries and several baked goods. Certain chefs add nutmeg as a seasoning agent.

5. Ginger:Ginger is used in food processing, for curried meats, cocktails, carbonate drinks, liquors and soft drinks. It is both a flavoring agent and a stimulant.

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6. Turmeric:Turmeric is capable of nulling the effects suffered by a person going through food poisoning.  The spice has an earthy smell, a bitter, peppery flavor and acts as an alternative to the expensive saffron.

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7. Cinnamon: The spice is noted for its stimulant and carminative properties. The bark oil of cinnamon is used for making perfumes and other cosmetic goods.

Buy  Kerala Spices Online

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