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In India , just like  Krishna steals the butter from kitchen. We all had a habit of stealing the Indian sweet product jaggery from kitchen and rolling them in mouth for a long time. 

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Mother will scold and taken back the big piece and tell these are very costly not for wasting.

New generation kids never go behind jaggery they just cry for expensive chocolates.

Whatever  the change, Indian’s cannot forget the taste of Jaggery once your tongue fall in love with it. Also there is a famous proverb, “ Is there any one who never lick his hands after dipping hands in jaggery pot?” 

Let’s see and buy Jaggery products available in Indian market.


Indian Jaggery Products

  1. Green Jaggery Powder
  2. Green Palm Jaggery
  3. Green Molasses Liquid Jaggery
  4. Organic Jaggery


Origin And Health Benefits Of Jaggery

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The word Jaggery comes from Portugese, ultimately from the sanskrit  word  ‘sharkara’ which is the root word of sugar itself.


Marayoor in Kerala is famous  for Jaggery production. The age old specialized skill of  local people making jaggery in the farm itself makes it great demand in households across the country for the preparation of  sweet dishes.

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If you buy jaggery online, apart from preparing tasty sweet dishes there are many health benefits like eases menstrual cramp pain and counteract the energy lost during menstruation.


Also rich iron content prevents Anemia. During winter season eating jaggery generates heat inside the body and boost  immunity. Enjoy Indian Jaggery.


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