What’s in a place name, when world is your marketplace?

What’s in a place name, when world is your marketplace?

In India it’s a custom to say the place name when someone ask your job. What are you doing now? The young man or woman say I am in Dubai, America, London or such big city or country names which give them some respect from others hiding the fact what  job they are doing. In the present situation when Indian Rupee is falling down faster than the normal gravity of economic crisis such great place names are hope giving. But business have better dimensions and visions towards achieving success regardless of the place where you are, because in the modern technological era whole world is your marketplace even if you are doing a home business.

Today we discuss the possibilities and success highlights, business people achieved without the identity of any metro city office address. Only thing that matters your success is your determination, hard work and how you deal your customers irrespective of the current hurdles and limitations.


  • Aible Apparels , Malappuram-Best Entrepreneur of Kerala


A decade ago, Linta P Jose was just a housewife who simply managed the affairs of the house, while her husband Shaju was busy with their Baby Care unit at Thiruvally in Malappuram District. But today this beautiful, energetic lady in her thirties is one of the emerging and successful entrepreneurs in the State in the garment sector, In fact, she was selected recently as the State’s Best Entrepreneur of the year by the State’s Industrial Department.Now her mission is to include more unemployed women and youth in the kidswear sector. She say “In order to make all our staffs have a feel of home, we provide free accommodation and food to all those who require it and in addition, we also give PF and ESI facility”.


P.C Mustafa, CEO of ‘iD Fresh Food’ ,Wayanad

The son of a daily wage earner from a remote village, Chennalode in Wayanad Kerala, has come a long way. Musthafa was 10 years old when he dropped out of school. He had failed Class 5 and was an average student. A money crunch at home led him to work as a day wager.

The startup was launched in December 2005 by PC Musthafa and his cousins, Shamsudeen TK, Abdul Nazer, Jafar TK, and Noushad TA, and began by making idli and dosa batter from a 50 square feet kitchen in Tippasandra, Bengaluru. The founders, started the business with Rs 25,000. They invested in mixers and grinders, and had a total of 100 packets, which they wanted to distribute to over 20 stores in the city. They had initially thought it would take them six months to reach the stores, but it took them nine months. “People weren’t open to the idea of a batter in a pack then; today, we sell 55,000 kg per day,” Musthafa says. iD Fresh is now present in over 30,000 stores and is set to close FY19 fiscal year with a turnover of Rs 286 crore.

Place yourself among big brands

When success bless your business with a brand value, it’s your product and service quality matters the economic growth not the place where you start or establish. Ten years back you can’t buy herbs in India online, but now even herbs, spices, dry fruits, idli batter etc  where available online, so the possibility of flourishing your business through an online marketplace is much an easy task. If you have any talented skill never waste it on the kitchen smokes and office targets, let’s plan and execute your idea to good revenue business placing it on any leading online marketplace.



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