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Cashew Nut or popularly known as Kaju in Hindi is widely used in sweets, delicious recipes, chocolates, health drinks etc. Now we have many online cashew sellers to buy quality cashew nut online in India.

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Have you heard of the interesting story of cashew fruit?

You have the privilege to believe it or not.  The story is like this, God created all fruits Mango, Apple, Apricots, Orange, Grape etc placing seeds inside the flesh but almighty forget about cashew fruit and God place seed for cashew nut at last. Thus cashew fruits have seed seen outside the flesh. Anyway both flesh and seed are tasty and nutritious to health.

India is the single largest producer of cashew nuts in the world, mainly marketed by spice sellers in Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, West Bengal etc

Nutritional benefits of Cashewnut or Kaju

  • Promotes a healthy level of Good cholesterol
  • Source of dietary fibers
  • Healthy Hair, Skin and Eyes
  • Prevent blood diseases

Expensive Tasty Seasoning

Cashew nuts are of 33 grades like W-180, W-210,W-240,W-320 etc. Among them

W- 180 is called King of Cashew and it is very expensive and larger in size.

Article about cashewnut

In Indian spice market  variety of cashew nut products are available online like Cashew split, organic Cashew nut, export quality cashew nut etc

If God’s mistake can produce cashew, more expensive and nutritiously rich fruit, see how each spice and dry fruits can make our lives healthier.

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