Buy Black Pepper : How To Know the Quality Spices? 

Modern market is confusing for consumers to distinguish between the original and fake products. In the special case of Indian Spices, taste and quality cannot be compromised as they have a brand name and popularity world wide.

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So here are the safety checks to know the quality of spice ‘black pepper’. You can buy black pepper online or offline from nearby marketplace. But let’s know how some sellers adulterate the purity of premium quality black pepper through some cheap profit making methods.


Characteristics of Premium Quality Pepper


  • Relatively uniform color of peppercorns is a signature of high quality and consistent flavor.

  • Higher grade pepper corns are usually fresh than their lower grade counterparts.

  • More flavorful are darker pepper corns.

  • No presence of Earth, dust, stones, husk, animal excreta, insects and their larvae, metal impurities, glass or plastic particles.


Unfair producers will add mustard meal, ground rice, flour, starch, black wheat husk and spent while grinding black pepper. 


So most trusted black pepper brands allow the product to go through a seven stage process of purification like metal detector scanning, destoner to remove stones, aspiration to clean dust, vibrating screen to identify glass or plastic garbage , input control to reject raw materials which do not  not meet product standards.

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You may have the habit to buy pepper ,smelling aroma or a pinch of sample the seller provides. 


Never intake any harmful material that are unlawfully mixed into black pepper powder. So make sure to buy quality black pepper and peppercorns from more organic marketplace providing natural black pepper.

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