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I am sure that every one of you must have visited at least one of the nearest Ayurvedic shops in your locality, haven’t you? Yes, you must have !

The reason could be as tiny as a tin of vayu gulika or as big as a bottle of kashayam, yet the point is you have been to these local “angadi kadakal”, to buy natural herbal medicines for different kinds of diseases. The medicines are polyherbal, as there are multiple herbs being added in different proportions to make these Ayurvedic mixtures.

Creating these medicines is a skill gained from their fathers or forefathers, it is a heirloom talent indeed.

Nowadays there are even options for people to buy herbal medicines online for better convenience. Anyway coming back to angadi kadakal, while you are standing at the counter asking for the medicine you want, have you noticed the different types of bottles neatly arranged in the shelves?

Do you have any idea about the varied types and their uses? Well, here is a list of the polyherbal mixtures or medicines that are being sold in an Ayurvedic shop. Have a look ! 


They are the ayurvedic medicines prepared by the process of natural fermentation using herbal juices or decoctions, flowers and sugar.

They are beneficial in many ways, improving digestion, increasing appetite, curing disorders in connection with respiratory and nervous systems. They also remove toxic wastes accumulated inside the body.


This is an ayurvedic medicine in the form of a herbal ghee. They have high fat content, as they are prepared with oil as the base and different herbs are being added into the oil.

They are medicated ghee given to the patients who are weak, and are highly useful for the chronic diseases in Pediatrics, for infants and children. 


It is a kind of herbal jam, prepared with Ashwagandha as the major ingredient. Digestive and respiratory diseases can be cured with them, yet they are most commonly used as a tonic taken to boost our immune system.

They are also eaten before and after heavy exercises or yoga sessions to increase muscle strength. 


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The most widely used ayurvedic medicines are kashayams, the liquid decoction of a single herb or a mixture of herbs.

The herbs are added into the boiling water at regular intervals for maximum effect. Even a simple herbal tea could be said as a kashayam. They are perfect for ailments such as common cold, cough, indigestion etc.


They are ayurvedic medicines in powdered form. Different herbs are reduced to powders and mixed together to form choornams.

They are best used for body imbalances, gastritis, migraine, excessive burning sensation etc. They are also used to clean our teeth and in nasal therapy sessions. 


Gulika is the malayalam word for “pills”. These specially prepared combination pills are used for detoxifying the body of insect bites, rodent bites etc administrating poisons. Yet is also helpful for cholera and grahani.

Thailam & Kuzhambu

They are the ayurvedic massage oils. The herbal juices and other ingredients are added to the boiling oil, till the moment only oil remains.

The ingredients in the oil are absorbed by the blood during massage, curing the affected area. Kuzhambu are extremely useful in the treatments of paralysis and physical weaknesses.


They are ayurvedic medications aiming at the nourishment of the whole body, treating damaged tissues, growth of new cells etc. It ensures positive health and longer lifespan.

All these different polyherbal medicines available at the local angadi kadakal are also available online with the same benefits and organic quality.

Many of the ecommerce websites like Indian Online Spices are selling these ethnic medicines online.

Thus, if you are skilled at this heirloom ayurvedic mixtures sell herbal medicines online for the people who still trust in the benefits of ancient ayurvedic medicines and herbal tonics. 

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