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Best Things You Don’t Know About Chocolates

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We are all eating chocolates from our childhood, except the sweet taste and brand names in chocolate industry we know a little facts about chocolates. So here are some of the interesting facts you don’t know about chocolates.


Health benefits of chocolate is not an important thing for us, because we can’t eat so much chocolates a day since we have grown up and we have to behave in a mature way not like our kid. Any way we can buy chocolates online secretly and taste it, to walk back to our childhood memories .


Interesting Things on Chocolates


  • Scientific name of cocoa Tree is ‘Theobroma cacao’ means  food of Gods. In Greek mythology cocoa bean is considered as gods food.
  • Chocolates give you high sense than romantic kiss, theobromine in them is a mild stimulator of body.
  • In history cocoas were also used as currencies. In early Aztec culture cocoa beans are taxes paid by people to rulers and they believe cocoa tree as a heavenly tree connecting earth and heaven.
  • If you love sweets buy chocolates online but remember they contain small amount of caffeine,dark chocolates contain more caffeine content.
  • The chocolate chip cookie was an accident,In 1930 Ruth Wakefield used broken pieces of Nestle chocolate in her cookie dough when she ran out of baker’s chocolate.

Growing chocolate Industry


Switzerland has the largest consumer of chocolate per capita with an average of 8.8Kg consumed per person as per the record of 2017. Indian chocolate market is expected to hit Rs 32,000 crore by 2020.


People with sweet tooth are comparatively less in India in case of chocolates, but as Indians are copying food culture ,fashion ,styles and relationships of countries like US or Switzerland we can also expect a boom in the growth of home made chocolate industry here  too.

Chemically saying chocolate is the world’s perfect food, so never forget to buy chocolates whenever you feel happy in life.


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