Are Dry Fruits Good during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a good news for every married couples and most of the rude husbands start to love his wife when she become pregnant is a common phenomenon. So society is welcoming the birth of a newborn with that much care and love. Most people are aware that a healthful diet should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthful fats. Making healthful food choices is crucial for women when they are pregnant. Their diet will provide the fetus with the nutrients essential for growth and development.


Benefits of eating Dried fruit during pregnancy


An increased intake of vitamins and minerals can help a pregnant woman keep her own body in the best condition possible. Eating plenty of dried  fruit during pregnancy can help to ensure that both the woman and baby remain healthy. Dried fruit contains lots of essential vitamins and nutrients and is a good source of fiber too.


One of the benefits of dried fruits is that you can consume them in lesser quantities than the raw ones, while getting the same result. They provide you and your unborn baby with energy and all the necessary nutrients and help relieve some unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy – like nausea, heartburn, and high blood pressure. Nuts are essential sources of soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals.


Dried fruits provide the best protection against constipation and hemorrhoids, the complications that are rather characteristic for pregnancy. Fiber also helps prevent accelerated weight gain and regulates blood pressure. Nuts with brown coats are especially rich in this nutrient. These are almonds, and walnuts. Dried dates, apples, apricots, and raisins should also become an inseparable part of a pregnant women diet.


How to consume Dried Fruits?


  • Nuts and dried fruits are useful for snacks and trail mixes that you can eat for lunch at work instead of junk food at a café.
  • They are very convenient for cooking homemade energy bars, adding to cereals, mixing into yogurts, and tossing onto salads.
  • They are great for preparing desserts – puddings, toppings, and butter.
  • Keep in mind that nuts are high in fat and calories, so it’s better to consume them in their natural state, without frying them. Dried fruits are also caloric. That’s why, eat them in moderation – stick to one handful of dried fruits or nuts a day.
  • Choose “sun dried fruits”,  those that have been dried naturally. Fruits that have been processed in a plant may contain acrylamide, a toxin that is formed in foods if they are heated for a long time. It affects the nervous system and fertility.
  • Be aware of sulfur dioxide, a preservative that makes dried fruits look nicer. It can be dangerous for people prone to allergies. Buy organic dried  fruits and nuts, which are free from possibly harmful substances.

During post delivery condition also mother need same care as that of baby, so this healthy diet of dried fruits can be followed even after pregnancy to rejuvenate mother’s body back to normal.



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