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Advantages of an Online Marketplace

Many enthusiastic people in this world, work for someone’s dream, just because they don’t have an investment amount  to startup their own dream business. Long term employee life without much productivity and economic status is a financial slavery. All these  hard realities of business was eradicated with the introduction of online trading and market places arrival which stuff wings to the dreams of many entrepreneur aspirants.

A for Amazon, E for Ebay F for Flip kart, G for Gadget Guru, P for PepperFry, S for Snap deal, like a nursery rhyme almost every alphabets have an associated online marketplace now. That proves the future of  shopping and market is a virtual space for sellers and buyers.

If you have still doubts in your mind about the possibility of a successful online store, here we have some key points to discuss why online is better than offline. Let’s enjoy the freedom of your work, be the boss not just an employee.

Benefits of an online marketplace

1.Reach out potential customers

Customer is the king of every business, to reach out your brand to the potential customer is the key factor of business development. An online market space could easily reach out to potential customers directly understanding their needs. More effective than opening up a shop in a busy market or street side, you can open up an online store for the global customers of your brand anywhere in the world.

2.Advantage of personal Touch

Every customer expects a personal consideration while doing a product transaction. Online market place rewrites the story of customer waiting in queue or behind someone just for the existing customer to complete product purchase. In online shopping space At a time many customers could easily get satisfied with their purchase and queries. 24/7 online support systems extend the limits of shopping sky. Shop opening time and closing time is no more a barrier now in purchasing or selling a product.

3.Increased Brand Awareness

Past times  mouth publicity and the advertisements where the mediators of brand awareness. Now online brands itself create certain high quality standards and brand awareness among new customers. Possibility of a business man to establish his  signature on any geographical area on this earth is now available only with the mediator Internet. The info graphical data shows the growth of online markets in these decades and how new sellers change their style of business and marketing products.

4.Provides a long term exposure

In the business graph of every industry or company there is certainly up and down, so it is difficult to maintain a long term exposure for a particular brand if it is not reached a safe zone within a few years. But in the case of an online marketplace, a long term exposure is maintained even by the latest seller on the market place. In any searches of a particular product seller is mentioned by search engines with its brand name and it will get the attention of  customers long term.

5.Better consumer Trust

Trust is build-ed through long term relationship in a normal business, but in an online market space, trust is developed easily. If a quality product is delivered at the right time without any face to face or direct interaction better consumer trust can be built up in online marketplace. So the online marketplace is the profitable honeymoon package for a business man if he plans to start a new business partnership. Management and employee problems all are replaced with an automatic E- commerce platform. From spices to spaceships future will be online market stores where people visit at their own convenient time and interests. Interesting fact may be, for buying new sarees or buy Dryfruits in India  modern house wife’s depend on E commerce platforms, thus husbands could escape from the crazy women shopping programme.


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