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padmajan ashokkumar


Founder and CEO

The Founder and CEO of, Padmajan Ashok Kumar, is a highly motivated digital marketer efficient in web designing, business management and customer engagement. With a great deal of knowledge in web technologies, he managed to acquire the digital skills most needed in the creation, execution and maintenance of e-Commerce websites. 

Indian Online Spices had its business growth, sales and performances in parallel to his ideal coordination of marketing strategies. As a vehement traveller, he enjoys the challenge and pleasure of travelling to novel unknown places. Movies, music and other entertainments always caught his vivid attention. His innovative ideas consistently find their way through graphic designing and digital sketching that heavily improved the outlook of the website. 

Leo alphonse


Founder and CEO

The Founder and CEO of, Leo Alphonse, is an accomplished entrepreneur, talented graphic designer, developer, photographer and musician. He has a proven record of success in the administration of an IT firm, The Inventiv Hub, that dwells in the fields of technology and art. This collaborative venture of Indian Online Spices utilizes his expertise with refined business strategies, flourishing on aggressive sales and growth plans. 

As one among the partners of Geometrics Film House, an upcoming production house in Malayalam Film Industry, he is all up for his multimedia aspirations. His competency is a proven fact in the fields of technology, art, film and business. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are his greatest strengths that connect him with the business clients and society outside.

About us

We, Indian Online Spices, established on 18th August 2018, is one of the leading E-commerce marketplaces in India. Our online marketplace facilitates the trade of rare and exotic ethnic products between the sellers and the buyers. We have more than 100 authentic sellers or vendors selling their quality products on our marketplace. Our sales are primarily focusing on traditional and cultural ethnic products of Indian heritage. We have all major categories of ethnic products available in our platform such as spices and seasoning, dry fruits and nuts, ayurvedics and aromas, herbs, beauty and health products, handicrafts and sculptures, drawings, traditional wears etc. There are numerous varieties of products within each of these major categories. You can find rare and exquisite products under each category of our store. Peculiarity of our marketplace is that it sells high quality rare products such as kumkumapoovu (Saffron), edana ila (bay leaf), essential oils, pul thailam (lemongrass oil), organic tea powders etc. that are not accessible at your local market stores. Indian Online Spices provides the best marketplace for the sellers who wish to sell their diverse ethnic products to the customers all around India. Likewise, we also become the perfect platform for the customers who wish to purchase cultural and traditional ethnic products online. Thus, we allow our valuable sellers or vendors to pinpoint their sales to the customers who are in need of your raw and finest ethnic products. We also promote emerging skilled and talented artisans from different parts of India to showcase their talent in front of art loving customers, who wish to decorate their beautiful home with handmade artifacts and heritage paintings. Shop with us to fulfill your needs of purchasing ethnic products for all your medicinal, cooking, decorating and beautifying purposes. Go for Indian Online Spices for your Ethnic Desires !!!

Our Aims

We, Indian Online Spices, are aiming at trading and selling all kinds of Indian Ethnic products. We partner ourselves with the authentic sellers, talented artisans, craftsmen to bring finest and superior quality ethnic products before our precious customers. We aim at showcasing unique ethnic varieties of each state in front of the entire country and make it available for anyone to make a purchase. For example, Kathakali artifacts, Set and Mundu, black pepper etc are ethnic varieties peculiar to the state of Kerala. Likeways Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra all the 29 states of India will have their own cultural ethnic varieties. The customers of Indian Online Spices are getting a golden opportunity to browse through these varieties of different states and make a purchase of the items that interest them. We also aim at helping the sellers or vendors to find ideal customers who are searching for their products online. This online marketplace helps the vendors to increase their reach and enhance their sales to another height in sharp contrast to what their offline store can bring in. We aim at providing the best customer experience to our potential buyer. We constantly ensure that our marketplace is trustworthy, affordable and user friendly. We are always in the path of new ideas and innovations. We tend to implement any realms of innovations to ensure good user experience in our platform. Our packing, shipping and delivery services are in perfect maintenance that help us attain trust of our valuable customers. Indian Online Spices takes special effort to guarantee a fun and enjoying shopping experience for our buyers. Come, Visit Indian Online Spices for a great shopping experience !!!

Our Core Ethics

Indian Online Spices with this marketplace keep our focus in ensuring:

  • A proper appreciation and nurturing of offline ethnic stores around India into online media.
  • An empowerment of skilled artists and craftsmen in India and helps to connect them to the art lovers.
  • An affordable price for the ethnic products.
  • A customer centric shopping experience strategy.
  • A proper innovative workout in enhancing and achieving growth of customer satisfaction.

Our mottos of Sincerity, Reliability and Genuinity in our products, marketplace and further services. Shop at Indian Online Spices for first rate, high quality, Ethnic product varieties from more than 100 faithful sellers spread over India !!!

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