A walk through Spice Gardens In Munnar

Munnar is a land of hill station and plantation tourism in Kerala. Many are attracted towards this walk with nature programme to know more about medicinal plants,it’s cultivation, harvesting and even processing of particular herbal products. Foreign Tourist who would like to know about the aromatic and spicy treasures in Munnar plantations enjoy walk through the hills acquiring  more practical knowledge about each Indian Spices products which they only heard and found in Spice markets.


Spice shores and River Banks


The path continues, leading into the depths of the plantation winding through coffee bushes, red coffee berries, past vines of pepper and vanilla,  cardamom bushes, tracts of clove, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and nutmeg. At different stages during the course of the walk through the spice gardens, tourists  will have opportunities to observe at close quarters the processes involved in the cultivation, harvesting, pulping and curing of coffee beans in addition to the cultivation and processing of the many varieties of spices grown on the plantation. A bit of adventure can get off the path and experience exploring the lake on bamboo rafts or rowing across its breadth in coracles.


Advantages of Plantation Tourism and Spice walk


1.The plantation land as well as the unique ecosystem, which are the fixed assets-cum-commodities for sale, are inexhaustible at least in the short-run.


2.Additional investment in the renovation of fixed assets and operational expenses is negligible except for extra facilities to be provided for accommodation.


3.Sustained support by the government for the popularization and promotion of tourism.

Higher returns for land compared to all the farming options.


4.No State in India has the geophysical diversity of Kerala. It is a confluence of mountains and midlands, embellished with unique backwaters ,rivers and sea.


5.More beneficial for local farmers, traders and native people as a regular source of income. As plantation tourisms scope increase both farming and trading increase which benefit the life of many who depend upon the spice trade and cultivation.

Spice shops in Munnar


You will miss the tea and spices experience if you don’t visit the spice shops in Munnar. Each shops arranged like the pearls of a necklace which add beauty to the Munnar  have unique aromatic experience to welcome each visitor. Any spices with wide variety of products could be purchased from spice shops in Munnar. Small scale shops to spice exporting companies are stretched their markets on the hilly spots for a brisk business.


If you like you can taste a Spice Tea or unique munnar Masala Coffee while exploring the long spice markets and traders spice products. Along with spices and hot beverages  Ayurvedic and Handicraft products business is another highlight of Munnar. Beautiful handicrafts designs carved by expert artists are also exhibited in most of the shops which are the favourite buying piece of Foreign tourists. You can buy handicrats online.


Made in Munnar


Neelakurinji is the unique flower of Munnar which blossom once in every twelve years, also the rare Nilgiri Thars could be seen on the beautiful NilGiri hills. Tourist who came to see these have several natural gifts which Munnar offer like Natural Honey to taste , fully organic spices and herbal products at a discount price.


Future excursion to Spice Gardens


When our Kids miss the golden opportunity to walk through a garden full of trees, flowers with songs of birds, now  schools are arranging their excursions towards these Spice Gardens which are the hub for all natural biodiversity and a learning experience of our daily using food products. Considering the conditions of traders , sell spices is no more a great job recent days as many marketplaces offer good selling package for spice sellers in India. So we can expect a new generation who love farming and walk through the soil at the same time flying through the latest technological sky.


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